Tuesday, January 13, 2009

James Adams Submission to the Senate

"We have found 11 citations that conclude that mothers are more likely to kill their children and another 11 citations concluding that mothers are more likely to be violent to a child than the child’s natural dad. Struggling single mothers are clearly over-represented as perpetrators of these horrific crimes." and
"Nobody expects divorced parents to remain celibate. Sadly, awarding children to a single mother after divorce can result in children sharing house with a string of unrelated men – “mummies-new-boyfriends”. and "We have found 387 citations to published research which proves that women initiate domestic violence as often as men do. There are many problems measuring rates of violence. But one thing is certain, while women under-report it, men almost never report being a victim of violence, and, if they try, they are usually laughed out of the police station.The myth is that only men are violent, and their only victims are women. Women are more likely to use a weapon in their assaults, so serious injury rates are similar. Violence between separating parents usually disappears after they have separated…remember, they are ‘separating’ after all!" Damm I forgot that...when you're separated the man is so glad to get rid of you, he has a party instead of stalking you, attacking you, threatening you, assaulting you because he's angry that YOU left him and that now he doesn't have CONTROL anymore. How could I forget. Sheesh.

To think he actually sent that it in to the Senate Inquiry and signed it with his real name. James the women and mothers of the world would like to extend a genuine thank you because you make our job of showing exactly what an angry Fathers Rights activist is. You are the epitomy of an MRA and we love you make our job just that much easier. Keep up the good work!

Peter Doolan Erina NSW

This is a typical member of Fathers Rights Group in Australia, check out the crazy on Lone Fathers forum:


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Hi everyone I am Petey and I have the same name as the Family Court Lawyer Peter Doolan but the first thing I want to say is that I am not him.

I have too many children. Around five sons and over fifty daughters. Some of my daughters have been murdered too. One of the first things I would like to say is that children can be stolen off you by other men and one of the ways they can do this is to become woman.

I would not classify anyone who I have actually had a child with as someone who is normal. They have either being one specific male entity who is stalking me; impersonating a woman or the same entity has been impersonating women.

Has anyone else had this problem? One of the things to watch out for is people liking each other too much. The reason why this has happened to my children is because the sons are me and the girls are Goddesses. This means they are also Royalty and Saints.

Does anyone know if there are any internet support groups for people who have too many children?

Oct 09, 07 | 2:37 pm

Sue Price, Waterford Queensland

"Since the 1980s the domestic violence industry has expanded at a remarkable rate, due in part
to the statistics produced as a result of self-advocacy research projects.2 Unfortunately, people
are being encouraged to complain about the most minor of slights and even encouraged into
making false allegations. Many DV applications are made purely to gain the upperhand in
forthcoming Family Court hearings."


"The domestic violence industry that promotes "women as victims of male patriarchy" is playing a significant role in separating families. Their protocol insists on separation of the parties,
immediately, which prevents any opportunity to reconcile or even discuss in a civilised manner
an impending separation. Being falsely accused of domestic violence as happens in many
cases is unlikely to endear the accuser to the accused."

It seems Sue Price who runs the Mens Rights Agency and ran for the Queensland Elections in 2006 but forgot to put her true opinions and role on her candidate profile. Whatsa matter Sue, too scared to tell the truth and let everyone know you fight for mens Rights? Why would you choose to hide that? She also started a group called Australian Families United where she also forgot to mention her stance on mens Rights. Sue also ran for Logan Council Elections where, you guessed it, she also never mentioned her role in Mens Rights. She is also a school teacher at Waterford School, I wonder if the parents of the children she teaches know what her views are? It seems Sue seeks the power and the money but doesn't choose to be very truthful. Pig!

Friday, January 9, 2009

More Peter Peterson W.A.

This is what happens when feminist infested poofter governments turn children
into neatly bundled meal tickets and objects of financial value! these are just
the tip of the ice burg. This is what happens when any dead-beat-bitch is
aloud to have children. these bitch's have the personality' s of assholes. Lets
not forget! If they where not aloud to do it! There would be allot less abused
children all over the world like these ones! It's bloody sickening!
Peter Peterson
Aussie Kid ? or just a bitch's meal ticket ?

Peter Peterson W.A.

I Love Women too! That's why I've been married three times and had at least five full
de-facto relationships in my time so fare. I Loved all of them! Still have fond memories
of days gone by. And four adult daughters and seven grandchildren that are my life
today. Be the first man to cut his own throat if they all disappeared off the face of the
Earth! I'm not a greedy person, I only want one that works properly, consistently, and
can actually handle being treated as an equal, on equal ground! It's surprising how
quickly their attitude changes, when you stop bowling under arm to them. Since my
last divorce over a decade ago, I let my fingers do the walking. Ring up and have
one delivered like a Pizza. The great thing about these ladies is their good at what
they do. And they never have headaches! LG Life's Good!
Peter Peterson

Stan Rains aka Patriot Dad: Battering the battered

Dear Friends Activists, Non-Custodial Mothers and Fathers, and Parents Rights Groups and supportive organizations;
You will find a roster for this conference of hate, bigotry, and violence toward men,boys, children, and even women at http://www.battered motherscustodyco nference. org/presenters_ 2009.htm
You will find on this speakers list, the often discredited purveyor of myths, lies and hate, Wendy Murphy, Esq. on the list.
Wendy is most recently and infamously known for her vicious attacks on the Duke athletes and calls to deny all men due process. She was the one who lost the Harvard where she was stating that men accused of violence or rape should have no defence or trial, just punished upon the allegation of any female.
You will find recently sanctioned attorney Barry Goldstein on the speakers list. Just this week Barry's BAR license was put into a FIVE YEAR suspension for aiding, encouraging, and abetting false allegations against a father in a custody/child support dispute in the highly publicized Shockhome case. The Feminists had been using this case as a posterchild for an abuser getting custody over a Battered Mother. Surprise, ALL of the allegations were false against the Daddy and the allegations were shown to be for personal gain for Ms. Shockhome and her Feminist Lawyer, Good Ole Sociopathic Barry G.
You will find a few speakers with excellent credentials presenting programs who have been duped into participating or who have continued to be in denial about what type of evil they are enabling by the credibility their presence provides this conference.
Then we have the leadership of NOW from Michigan and New York, Marcia Pappas.
Joan Zorza, Esq, the original co-author of VAWA is speaking as well.
And, these are just a few of the speakers.
You will not see Errin Prizzey, Wendy McElroy, Stephen Baskerville, GraysonWalker, or any number of the well credentialed Activists, Researchers, and Authors who have any other view than the Feminist sanctioned rabid male hate presented at this conference in a sometimes ohh soo patronizing manner. They will not even receive an invite to attend.
We can soon expect another 'White Paper' from this group claiming 'international outcries' against the rampant battering of only women as if all women were battered and none were batterers.
We can expect the "White Paper' to exhort the police and courts for whom this collection of myths, misstatements, misdirections, and outright lies will target with a goal of hurting and harming men even more with greater loss of due process and more false and groundless arrests for merely being male.
I have never seen any professional conference in my many years that is so wildly and viciously biased and promoting of hate and abuse of all men and boys for the acts of a few men who are outnumbered (overall) by the women who are abusers, batterers, child abusers, and murderers.
Of course the White Paper will not cover the well researched, documented, and peer reviewed studies and findings that cover women's battering of men and children.
There will be no semblance of perspective on just what very minor percentage of households have real violence.
There will be no reporting on the overall numbers of women perpetrators versus overall numbers of men perpetrators when the same definitions of violence are used on both.
The lies, misdirections, myths, misstatements, and outright hate excreted from this conference will do more to harm more women, children, and men than it could ever help.
These 'faux' professional conventions misdirect funding and services into uses and approaches that are ineffective at best and at worst not just perpetuate Domestic Violence but increase it mathematically.
Let us be ready to answer the vomiting of false news reports and diarrhea flow of 'new findings' that are nothing but retreads of the same old lies we have heard and successfully fought before.
Let us be ready to discredit these haters or humanity in their quests for more money, power, and popularity while sacrificing the rest of us to their goddess of Feminism.
Feminism (not parity or equality) is a decadence of a too wealthy society. We are no longer wealthy.
Here are some of the direct programs and affects of Feminist sponsored government programs supported by this Conference:
A large part of our impoverishment as a nation is is the same thing that has impoverished so many men and women, the Feminist Lie and the government funding to present a facade of respectability for Feminist programs such as paying healthy women to not work.
Further, the government then gives theses government sponsored "stay at home moms" day care so they do not have to take care of the children they are ostensibly being paid to stay home and care for (crazy enough for you?).
It gets even more bizarre as the fiscal candle gets burned at both ends and the middle.
And, then we jail impoverished men who are disabled, ill, laid off, etc... for being impoverished, but only if he is a father and divorced. Jailing a man costs between $60,000 and 80,000 per year so we not only pay the mother big bucks to kick the man out of the children's lives, we then pay big bucks to keep Daddy in jail. We jail Daddies who are innocent in a "No Fault" divorce and of nothing more than not being able to keep up with the ridiculous taxes called child support assigned by the courts with no rhyme or reason based in reality. These taxes on NCP Daddies sometimes are greater than their gross earnings.
The child support is awarded in hearings for divorce where in 70 to 95% of the time the man is presented with a divorce filing he doesn't want that tells him he has "No Fault" then continues to take away children, property, money, future income, civil rights, freedom to travel and more. "At Fault" real criminals have more rights and due process.
And, I have not even covered the prognosis for the children of divorce where Dad has been cut out of his children's life in 'No Fault' divorce.
Lets count the resulting rape, pedophilia, murder, substance abuse, prostitution, and child abuse resulting from this Feminist policy of 'kick daddy out the door, ignore the Constitution, give him just the clothes on his back, and tell him "See Ya!" '. Removing Daddy turns the kids into 'Feral Humans'.
Watch this conference for anyone suggesting that maybe the 'No Fault' Daddies should not be divorced or kicked out of children's lives. It will never happen.
This is what Battered Mothers promotes at its conferences.
This is going to all of my lists. I would hope that each and everyone of you does the same. This conference needs to be exposed for what it is, a symposium promoting hate violence, and bigotry.
Patriot Dad

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stephen Baskerville

"Most domestic violence and child abuse take place during and after family dissolution; very little occurs in intact families. So domestic violence is a red herring."

He's not Australian but the Australian Fathers Rights Militants think he's a god and are campaigning to get him out here.