Friday, January 9, 2009

Peter Peterson W.A.

I Love Women too! That's why I've been married three times and had at least five full
de-facto relationships in my time so fare. I Loved all of them! Still have fond memories
of days gone by. And four adult daughters and seven grandchildren that are my life
today. Be the first man to cut his own throat if they all disappeared off the face of the
Earth! I'm not a greedy person, I only want one that works properly, consistently, and
can actually handle being treated as an equal, on equal ground! It's surprising how
quickly their attitude changes, when you stop bowling under arm to them. Since my
last divorce over a decade ago, I let my fingers do the walking. Ring up and have
one delivered like a Pizza. The great thing about these ladies is their good at what
they do. And they never have headaches! LG Life's Good!
Peter Peterson

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