Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peter Gregory, Mt Barker WA

"The women of today are always crying foul about how they can't go around dressed half naked without a man going goggle eyes at them, or being able to walk the streets late at night without fear of being attacked and raped.WHAT!!!Okay, so that means I can go to the Zoo and jump into the Lion's den and go for a walk. It matters not that I already know that the lion may very well attack and kill me, the fact is, I should be able to walk around without that disgusting Lion looking at me lustfully and licking his chops.Wake up you stupid women!!The vast majority of men would never touch a woman like that, but there will always be animals out there who just don't give a shit and you know this, but you still deliberately flaunt your bodies.And no, this does not excuse her from the part she played in all this. She is well and truly old enough at that age to know the difference between right and wrong. This portion of the blame should never be laid on the football players."

Simon Styles, Perth WA

"here here PETER. Without 50-50 I would never have been so aware of what was going on at, mums. It was invaluable and enable our child to disclose without pressure fo limited time with me and had the ability to make his own choice in the end.
What concerns me is that our child rep who is actually quite good told me last week that there is a significant increase in cases coming back to court as the shared appears to be falling apart in many cases. He viewed therefore that shared was not successful. But perhaps this is good in cases where the child has made a choice and the 50-50 has enabled each parent to become aware of the child's wishes and ultimately in some cases the child has made a choice.
He felt in many cases it was simply not working but he didnt consider the fact that the 50-50 enabled this conclusion as one or other parent was able to keep a check and become aware of any potential abuse from the other parent.
If this trend contineus in other states then it may be viewed as not working and be rethought :(
As for serious punishments for the liars - yes! You are right they fully intend for us to go to jail so they shoukld have to face the same predicament.
And double YES to the follow up in abuse allegations that are proven not to be true. This does not happen - they just conclude the case without ever learning where the real abuse came from and how the child was coached into making the statements in the 1st place. This should be as mandatory as the reporting in the 1st place!"

Even More James Adams, Sydney

When will this guy stop giving me so much material??

James calls ALL women Nasties.

How Nasties get their funding and other tricks of the trade.

I noticed a small piece in the Sydney Morning Feminist about an academic in the UK who has been forced to resign after being caught spreading sexual allegations against an academic rival. She distributed information about her rival who had suffered from an earlier sex allegation (that resulted in nothing, presumably because it was bogus).

Ever wonder how Nasties get their way?

Privately they can tell politicians that "unless you give us what we want, you will have a rape allegation against you"

The politician may realise that the allegation probably won't result in a conviction, but all elected politicians know that sh!t sticks. The only way this woman was caught was that instead of threatening an allegation, she distributed info on an existing allegation. Which means that people saw her making good the threat.

Ever wondered why Phil Kopperberg, the hero of the fire-fighters, who after movig into NSW State politics, had decade-old allegations of DV brought into the public and forced to resign?

What about the footballer who had a group-sex thingo with a seemingly consenting woman (consenting at the time) being brought down years later?

A journo friend told me of conversations that politicians have had with him, where they say "I had to do xyz, or I would have had a rape allegation against me"


More Jason Thompson, Sunshine Coast QLD


I would be careful in accepting unscientific refutations. Quite simply polygraphs do not work with psychopaths.

If you think such refutations have credibility then please direct us to the research about how polygraphs work on psychopaths.

I would hate to see you and Anne Bressington become a laughing stock by claiming rigorous science where it doesnt exist.

Jason "

Jason do you mean unscientific like pedophile Richard Gardner's invented Syndrome called PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome)?

More James Adams, Sydney NSW

"Abuse between te parents is quite different to abise of the children.
After all, abuse between the parents could easilly be a natural response of a loving father to the mother stealing his kids.

This is why the Nasties are busy talking about "Family Violence" as if the perpetrator is violent against everybody in the family, and is some sort of animal.

Remember seperating parents are, after all, "seperating". How do you stop a fight? Seperate the combatants. Being angry at your soon-to-be ex spouse fdoes NOT mean that you would mistreat your children. "

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Louise Tantalitee Edwards Darwin NT

This is Louise's plan in how Fathers$Equality can hide behind their faux concern for children to combat allegations of Domestic Violence and Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Court.

----- Forwarded Message ----From: tantalite edwards

To: Hello Peter and EveryoneWe are tackling a huge monster and a campaign should be placed in such a way that we take this monster down tier by tier as we do not have enough dynamite to implode the entire creature.I agree, that Simon's approach to this, to advocate for children as a first step to get media attention is an excellent one. There are enough statistics, families and community knowledge and support, who accept that severe damage is being done to our children and then society as a whole by denying children access to their Fathers.I also agree that a non gender specific campaign is the way to go though it should be mentioned that most of parents that children are denied from seeing are Fathers. It is a fact that cannot and should not be hidden.Peter Wrote5. We must get on board with the push for tougher penalties for assault of any kind, but take it further so that DV and child abuse are treated as serious assault and are fully investigated by police and charges laid where appropriate and the alleged perpetrator faces court with a jury and if found guilty suffers a punishment commensurate to the crime. All done outside of the family court! This is the last and most dangerous Dragon to be slayed for the reasons I am about to state1. If we push for tougher penalties to soon many Men who are already victims of DV (amd getting blamed as the assailent) and false allegations will be victimised mercilessly.2. It is a huge dragon to slay and I believe that once Fathers have more time with their children and it is understood that equal time is given immediately false allegations will drop off considerably as this behaviour will no longer be reinforced by the reward of sole residency for Mothers as there will be no such thing.3. Threatening the corrupt and unethical 'Sisters movement' will bring down more shit on our heads than we can handle at this time. We have to play it smart. Let them think we are not coming after them then tear out their throats at a later date. (that is a terrible thng to say) :OI well implemented campaign can cover more than one direct yet related issue at once and I still think the perfect time to do somthing of that nature, especially to get media attention, is the day after Fathers Day.I would still be calling for national strike action by all Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Concerned Family Members and of course Women and interested Family Rights Groups. I think the message of the strike action should be that men have had enough of being discluded from the lives of their children.I have many ideas on campaigns building up to this strike action.A package should be available for down load with instructions on how to use the campaign kit. ( I am good at this stuff. I am a woman and I know how to get attention)The campaign kit should containAn email campaign- Sample letters that can be copied with the persons details , if they so wish, and email addresses to send these letters to. We should target the media. (keep it out of the hands fo the feminist pollies who could quickly arrange a DV campaign for the same day or some such thing) Regional Papers, keeping the information flowing directly to the community with out censorship. The larger Papers will pick it up as there will be a great deal of community interest in the subject. Targeting friends and associates on your email list with sample emails to bring to thier attention the circumstances and also a copy of the Campaign kit as an attatchment.A texting campaign- An example of Texts to send to Regional newspapers and friends in your phone list informing them of the situation. This could include information on where to find the Campaign kit so they too can join in supporting this cause. A postal campaign- Again targeting the media and friends. Here we present ourselves with a visual oppourtunity. I propose a post card campaign. In the Campaign kit there will be post cards that a person can print off. These post cards will contain a printed message that we wish to convey to the media and it will be topped off with a visual image, some very provoking. People can choose which images they wish to send that they feel best describes the situation. I have found several images that fit the bill, from the shadows of a family on the pavement, a father walking hand and hand with his child, a picture of a tagged adult male foot clearly taken in a morgue (or made to look that way) with the word Dad on the tag. And a couple of others. I purchased these images with permission to print 500 000 0f each.The Radio Campaign- A well thought out and provoking debate to bring to the community of radio in all local areas. Perhaps this is best handled by hand picked spokes people so as not to drown out the central message with everyones differing thoughts on the matter. Information for the media to get in contact with these spokes people to continue the debate. This is a radio stations dream as they like to encourage listeners to tune in.The Strike Campaign- A detailed run through of times and places for strike action, information on speakers for the day, Information on signs that can be made, slogans and chants. A call for parents affected by disenfranchisement to speak out (3 mins to say a little about their heart breaking experiences) A call for older children to speak out about the affects of disenfranchisement on their lives, Reading of statistics in between that back up our campaign. And for families who wish it, in the evening a solemn a reading of the names of Fathers who have lost their lives becasue they could not be with their children and it was too much for them to bear any longer. (maybe a little candle light vigil for them too) Every location where this action is taking place shoudl stick as beast it can, to the schedule. Not too many places of course. We will need to try and gather as many people to a singular area as we can.We can also mail out the campaign to other groups who will be supportive and sympathetic to our cause.Timing is exceptionally important as we need the element of surprise on our side. Too soon and the feminists will discredit us with their own campaign. To late and we do nto rally enough troops. (I should have been in the militiary)Kind RegardsTant!PS. I knwo this may sound complicated but I assure you it is really quite a simple print and post set up in such a way that is probably takes ten minutes out of a persons day in the build up and then one day of strike action. PSS I am very excited now!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jason Thompson Sunshine Coast QLD

Jason Thompson father of a daughter comments on Michael Flood researcher on Domestic Violence:

"The thing that gets up my nose about him is his sloppiness, fueled clearly by misandry.

For instance he champions the idea of a plurality of masculinities. But then turns to men's and father's groups and labels them with huge unifying characteristics such as "sexist" or "anti-feminist" or "angry" as if they were all one and the same. In the next breath he labours the immense diversity within women's collectives.

We are all tired of Michael's misandry. But one thing for sure is that in the battle between him and the entire planet of diverse men -a battle he initiated- we can surely back those men to put a stop to it.
Dr. Flood is helping to lead a successful campaign to influence Australian learning. Instead of the traditional 3R's, it is soon to be changed to the 4R's :reading, writing, rithmatic, and respect-for- girls.

Fancy that, Michael Flood is your children's new teacher.... Coming to a school near you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ross Mitchell Raymond Terrace NSW

Ross Mitchell of behalf of DADS ON THE AIR made the following public threat to the authors of another blog exposing Mens Rights Groups:

"Oh yeah, one last point, they made it personal, not me, and if I ever find out who they are they are dead..... Thats a threat ETT.... better do something about it
Very Happy no wonder they remain anonymous....... f**kin yellow coward"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mike Ward Western Australia

Mike Ward says

"Why the hysteria over child abuse and domestic violence?

To undermine the fathers role in society. To portray men in the worst possible light by reducing male influence in the home."


"Feminists are weeds in the family garden. We should all play a part in clearing the garden of such pests."

We say
Yeah Mike like ugly and bitter old and violent men are an asset to society?