Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sue Price, Waterford Queensland

"Since the 1980s the domestic violence industry has expanded at a remarkable rate, due in part
to the statistics produced as a result of self-advocacy research projects.2 Unfortunately, people
are being encouraged to complain about the most minor of slights and even encouraged into
making false allegations. Many DV applications are made purely to gain the upperhand in
forthcoming Family Court hearings."


"The domestic violence industry that promotes "women as victims of male patriarchy" is playing a significant role in separating families. Their protocol insists on separation of the parties,
immediately, which prevents any opportunity to reconcile or even discuss in a civilised manner
an impending separation. Being falsely accused of domestic violence as happens in many
cases is unlikely to endear the accuser to the accused."

It seems Sue Price who runs the Mens Rights Agency and ran for the Queensland Elections in 2006 but forgot to put her true opinions and role on her candidate profile. Whatsa matter Sue, too scared to tell the truth and let everyone know you fight for mens Rights? Why would you choose to hide that? She also started a group called Australian Families United where she also forgot to mention her stance on mens Rights. Sue also ran for Logan Council Elections where, you guessed it, she also never mentioned her role in Mens Rights. She is also a school teacher at Waterford School, I wonder if the parents of the children she teaches know what her views are? It seems Sue seeks the power and the money but doesn't choose to be very truthful. Pig!

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