Saturday, September 5, 2009

Christian Kelder aka ChristianJ, Cressy Tasmania

"Some woman hit me one night and I immediately hit her back. I felt no guilt over it, but everyone thought I was in the wrong. I explained that she would not have been hit had she not hit me first, but for some reason they still felt I was the one that should be charged."

Full time Misogynist, father of 4 daughters (poor girls) works or worked in a hardware shop so he's not the academic he likes to think he his, lives in Cressy, Tasmania.

Usernames: Christianj, christianj162000 (don't pedophiles target boys raised by single mums?);u=193;sa=showPosts;start=30

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tom Smith, Loser Santa Barbara CA,

"When we get power, they are going to pay. I lost numerous jobs because of them AND my kids. I'm as angry as hell with absolutely no apologies for my anger. They will of course paint us angry types in various unflattering ways to serve their purposes, but it's part of our advocacy to start getting up in their faces and not put up with thier shit. They are much worse than the so called imaginary patriarchy ever was. Tom"

Definition of Masculism: A men’s movement ideology that advocates for the abolition of political and cultural assumptions of equality between sexes. A realistic approach to sex differences that attempts to identify those differences and how they are best expressed in the social and political melieu. Supports the establishment of a modern partriarchy and assumes that we are now living in a matriarchy."

"Assumption of Father’s Custody instead of Mother’s Custody. Father's custody will help reduce the divorce rate while encouraging a positive view of men. "

One would assume that Tom Smith is friends with pedophile Bob Allen Bobx23456 as he is a member of his group. Tom Smith also supports pro pedophile Warren Farrell.

Monday, August 24, 2009

John Roberts

"You know sometimes I could just punch a wall I get so mad. I really wish I did commit DV against her, she deserves it. She's taken my house, my kids and my money just who does she think she is. I supported her lifestyle for all of those years. She never had to work. I hate her."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Terry Quinane Canberra ACT

"In cases of sole custody, wherever the sole parent enters into a defacto relationship or remarries, all child support payments should cease. The new partner who takes on a step-father role to your children should also take on the financial responsibilities, as if they were his own. In joint custody situations payments or non-payments should go on as normal.
Terry Quinane is the Child Support spokesman for the Society for the Best Interests of the Child."

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Ross Mitchell...

Ross Mitchell of Raymond Terrace set up this sham facebook group to ridicule Safe Family Law.

Why is Ross Mitchell, the subject of several AVO's not interested in Safer Family Law?

Safer Family Law Hoax


Basic Info

This group is set up to counter the hoax that is the Safer Family Law group. The Safer Family Law group are just a bunch of man haters. They claim men as the only perpetrators of violence in family law and ignore killer mothers and members who post articles like the Yeeda Topham case are blocked.

Contact Info


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Michael Murphy Canada

Michael Murphy whines:

"One of the other sites associated with them is On this site they do write-ups of Ozzy men's/father's rights activists which by any standard are slanderous and vile. I note it is private for the time being so maybe they got the message they are crossing over the boundary from fair comment to slander and hate. Are they misandrists. Perhaps! I would suggest to the Ozzy men's rights movement to try and uncover their identities. Then perhaps we can do an expose on who they are, their motives (as if we don't already know) and how much the Ozzy tax payers are putting out for this kind of rubbish."

I say Michael if you think the contents of this blog are slanderous and vile then you should blame the original posters for that and direct any criticisms towards them. All material on this blog comes directly from what the poster has placed on the internet themselves. I agree with you that all of it is vile, hence the necessity for this blog.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Peter Gregory, Mt Barker WA

From: Peter
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2008 6:09:46 PM
Subject: Re: [fathers4equality] Sex of abusers & Advice for future DADS!

Not wrong mate,

Also after you have just pulled them out of the bath water as well and dried them off. They usually kick, squeal and stiffen up with excitement. That's the time to give them raspberries on their tummies and run your fingers up and down their bodies. They love it.

Mind you, it was during those tickling torture sessions, that I got shot twice. Once by my first daughter and then a son. You wouldn't believe how far a baby girl can shoot if she is excited. What a laugh it was!
My boy produced a vertical fountain and my girl shot across the room. The bit that was priceless, was the look of shock on their faces, because they never saw themselves doing that before. I almost wet myself laughing at them.
Oh the joys of babies!!

I use to have so much fun with my kids, but the ex was always jealous and in the end tried to drive a wedge between the kids and I. Didn't work, because it was too late, I had already bonded strongly with each child and from that point on the kids only saw her behaviour as bad, bad, bad.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jason Thompson Sunshine Coast Queensland

Fathers4Equality seek to deceive the public.

Why is Jason Thompson posing as a woman to leave comments on a Blog? Is that because he is seeking to mislead the reader that the views expressed are from a woman instead of a woman hating divorced man?

This is the email he sent to Fathers4Equality:

From: Equiponderate
Sent: Wednesday, 10 June, 2009 7:34:50 AM
Subject: Re: [fathers4equality] Obsessed!

Naturally these breastfeeding stories are Caroline's continued attempts at hyperbole. Anecdotes of stories of recounts of cases.
If one were to look at the case material of these two breastfeeding cases (and i hope someone does!) it is HIGHLY likely that the mothers were attepmting to use breastfeeding to withhold and alienate fathers INDEFINATELY from a relationship with the child.
I can almost hear the mother's ploy now: "Oh, dear Judge, I want to provide my child with the best possible breastfeeding experience as science suggests it is extremely benificial.. ... and the mothercraft clubs recommend a child be breastfed for up to 7 years of age."

And then this (and other ) comment shows up on the Fathers4Equality website under the name of Theresa:


Imagine this:

MAGISTRATE: "And how long do you need to breastfeed this child"

ALIENATING MUM: "Oh, shouldn't be more than 18 years"


Naturally these breastfeeding stories are Caroline's continued attempts at hyperbole. Anecdotes of stories of recounts of court-cases.

If one were to look at the actual case material of these two breastfeeding stories (and i hope someone does!) it is HIGHLY likely that the mothers were attepmting to use breastfeeding to withhold and alienate fathers INDEFINATELY from a relationship with the child.

I can almost hear the mother's ploy now: "Oh, dear Judge, I simply want to provide my child with the best possible breastfeeding experience as science suggests it is extremely benificial..... and mothercraft clubs recommend to me that a child be breastfed for up to 7 years of age."


I bet all of the other comments attributed to female names are other male members of Fathers4Equality.
Jason Thompson is a moderator of that group.

Shame on Fathers4Equality for lying!!


F is for Family Court, that you’re always in

A is for Abuse, and all other sins

T is for Tricks, dirty ones are all you know

H is for Hatred, driving you on and on so

E is for your Ego, when I do see you I want to vomit and scrub my skin

R is for Resentment, ask your children they’ll clue you in

Put that all together and what does it spell??

Egotistical, controlling, abusive mama’s boy with no backbone.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

James Adams, Sydney

From: parttimeparent
Sent: Thursday, 11 June, 2009 11:50:31 AM
Subject: [fathers4equality] Are you owed Child Support?

Does anybody know a FATHER who is owed C$A by the mother?

There is a media opportunity to de-bunk the myth of 'Deadbeat Dads', but we need an example.

The truth is that fathers are much more likely to pay thier C$A than mothers are.

Please contact me directly on j.adams@fairfaxmedi (Thursday only) or phone 0417 258 264

Lindsay Jackel, Melbourne Victoria

Lindsay Jackel is Victorian Director of The Shared Parenting Council of Australia and friend of Barry Williams.

t 2:32 PM 12/23/96 +0000, Lindsay Jackel wrote:

One cannot be homosexual and christian. There is no such thing as a
loving homosexual relationship. Neither can one be feminist and
christian. The 2 deviancies are tied together. Both will be judged
by a God - YAHWEH - who is both loving and righteous. Too many
deviates tend to forget that YAHWEH is also righteous and that His
righteousness demands judgement and punishment for that and those who
are unrighteous. With your thoughts, words and acts you seal your
fate for eternity unless you turn back from the path you walk."

"There is something wrong with being homosexual (it's certainly not
'gay'), with going against design and doing perverted and deviant
unnatural acts and anyone that condones it is also showing their facile
level of understanding. Homosexuals are sick bunnies, determined to
prove to the rest of us that they are normal - hence the concerted pride


Sam Farrell
View profile
More options Jul 8 2001, 12:25 pm
From: (Sam Farrell)
Date: 7 Jul 2001 19:25:00 -0700
Subject: Re: Family law - what it teaches our children (Conference Paper)
Having met both Chris and Lindsay, both online and at Lone Father and
now at Fathers for Family Equity meetings, I can verify that Chris is
definitely not Lindsay and vice versa. From what I've seen both are
working for the good and rights of non-custodial parents (mostly
dads), with Lindsay having a bigger presence (pun intended!) than
Chris online, but encouraging him to take on some of his activity, and
Chris having a more personal face to face presence in the Melbourne

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peter Gregory, Mt Barker WA

Commenting on an Australian Newspaper article about babies being fed half cows milk and half breast milk because judges choose to give fathers 50% access.

"And of course these bitches refuse to express milk during the week to be frozen so that the father can feed the baby it's own mothers breast milk for the week the child is with him. It could be handed over each day fresh if they live close to each other.

The problem as I have said before with these loathsome women, especially of Overington's ilk, is that they have been far too enabled in society and they believe they have 'God' status among human beings.

Just because they have tits that produce milk, is absolutely no reason why a child should be kept away from its father. The father has absolutely no need whatsoever to feed that child cows milk at all ever.
All these disgusting child abusive women need to do is express the milk and bottle it, so their child can get this milk from a bottle.

Women like overington are deliberately pushing this bullshit out there and they expect that the public are too dumb to realise the above facts.

There is no doubt about the facts that these women who agree with this way of thinking, are all currently or potentiall child abusers and husband/father abusers."


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peter Gregory, Mt Barker WA

"The women of today are always crying foul about how they can't go around dressed half naked without a man going goggle eyes at them, or being able to walk the streets late at night without fear of being attacked and raped.WHAT!!!Okay, so that means I can go to the Zoo and jump into the Lion's den and go for a walk. It matters not that I already know that the lion may very well attack and kill me, the fact is, I should be able to walk around without that disgusting Lion looking at me lustfully and licking his chops.Wake up you stupid women!!The vast majority of men would never touch a woman like that, but there will always be animals out there who just don't give a shit and you know this, but you still deliberately flaunt your bodies.And no, this does not excuse her from the part she played in all this. She is well and truly old enough at that age to know the difference between right and wrong. This portion of the blame should never be laid on the football players."

Simon Styles, Perth WA

"here here PETER. Without 50-50 I would never have been so aware of what was going on at, mums. It was invaluable and enable our child to disclose without pressure fo limited time with me and had the ability to make his own choice in the end.
What concerns me is that our child rep who is actually quite good told me last week that there is a significant increase in cases coming back to court as the shared appears to be falling apart in many cases. He viewed therefore that shared was not successful. But perhaps this is good in cases where the child has made a choice and the 50-50 has enabled each parent to become aware of the child's wishes and ultimately in some cases the child has made a choice.
He felt in many cases it was simply not working but he didnt consider the fact that the 50-50 enabled this conclusion as one or other parent was able to keep a check and become aware of any potential abuse from the other parent.
If this trend contineus in other states then it may be viewed as not working and be rethought :(
As for serious punishments for the liars - yes! You are right they fully intend for us to go to jail so they shoukld have to face the same predicament.
And double YES to the follow up in abuse allegations that are proven not to be true. This does not happen - they just conclude the case without ever learning where the real abuse came from and how the child was coached into making the statements in the 1st place. This should be as mandatory as the reporting in the 1st place!"

Even More James Adams, Sydney

When will this guy stop giving me so much material??

James calls ALL women Nasties.

How Nasties get their funding and other tricks of the trade.

I noticed a small piece in the Sydney Morning Feminist about an academic in the UK who has been forced to resign after being caught spreading sexual allegations against an academic rival. She distributed information about her rival who had suffered from an earlier sex allegation (that resulted in nothing, presumably because it was bogus).

Ever wonder how Nasties get their way?

Privately they can tell politicians that "unless you give us what we want, you will have a rape allegation against you"

The politician may realise that the allegation probably won't result in a conviction, but all elected politicians know that sh!t sticks. The only way this woman was caught was that instead of threatening an allegation, she distributed info on an existing allegation. Which means that people saw her making good the threat.

Ever wondered why Phil Kopperberg, the hero of the fire-fighters, who after movig into NSW State politics, had decade-old allegations of DV brought into the public and forced to resign?

What about the footballer who had a group-sex thingo with a seemingly consenting woman (consenting at the time) being brought down years later?

A journo friend told me of conversations that politicians have had with him, where they say "I had to do xyz, or I would have had a rape allegation against me"


More Jason Thompson, Sunshine Coast QLD


I would be careful in accepting unscientific refutations. Quite simply polygraphs do not work with psychopaths.

If you think such refutations have credibility then please direct us to the research about how polygraphs work on psychopaths.

I would hate to see you and Anne Bressington become a laughing stock by claiming rigorous science where it doesnt exist.

Jason "

Jason do you mean unscientific like pedophile Richard Gardner's invented Syndrome called PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome)?

More James Adams, Sydney NSW

"Abuse between te parents is quite different to abise of the children.
After all, abuse between the parents could easilly be a natural response of a loving father to the mother stealing his kids.

This is why the Nasties are busy talking about "Family Violence" as if the perpetrator is violent against everybody in the family, and is some sort of animal.

Remember seperating parents are, after all, "seperating". How do you stop a fight? Seperate the combatants. Being angry at your soon-to-be ex spouse fdoes NOT mean that you would mistreat your children. "

Circulation Analyst
Fairfax Business Media
1 Darling Island Rd, Pyrmont, 2009 AUSTRALIA
Wk +61 2 9282 3836 Mob 0417 258 364

Louise Tantalitee Edwards Darwin NT

This is Louise's plan in how Fathers$Equality can hide behind their faux concern for children to combat allegations of Domestic Violence and Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Court.

----- Forwarded Message ----From: tantalite edwards

To: Hello Peter and EveryoneWe are tackling a huge monster and a campaign should be placed in such a way that we take this monster down tier by tier as we do not have enough dynamite to implode the entire creature.I agree, that Simon's approach to this, to advocate for children as a first step to get media attention is an excellent one. There are enough statistics, families and community knowledge and support, who accept that severe damage is being done to our children and then society as a whole by denying children access to their Fathers.I also agree that a non gender specific campaign is the way to go though it should be mentioned that most of parents that children are denied from seeing are Fathers. It is a fact that cannot and should not be hidden.Peter Wrote5. We must get on board with the push for tougher penalties for assault of any kind, but take it further so that DV and child abuse are treated as serious assault and are fully investigated by police and charges laid where appropriate and the alleged perpetrator faces court with a jury and if found guilty suffers a punishment commensurate to the crime. All done outside of the family court! This is the last and most dangerous Dragon to be slayed for the reasons I am about to state1. If we push for tougher penalties to soon many Men who are already victims of DV (amd getting blamed as the assailent) and false allegations will be victimised mercilessly.2. It is a huge dragon to slay and I believe that once Fathers have more time with their children and it is understood that equal time is given immediately false allegations will drop off considerably as this behaviour will no longer be reinforced by the reward of sole residency for Mothers as there will be no such thing.3. Threatening the corrupt and unethical 'Sisters movement' will bring down more shit on our heads than we can handle at this time. We have to play it smart. Let them think we are not coming after them then tear out their throats at a later date. (that is a terrible thng to say) :OI well implemented campaign can cover more than one direct yet related issue at once and I still think the perfect time to do somthing of that nature, especially to get media attention, is the day after Fathers Day.I would still be calling for national strike action by all Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Concerned Family Members and of course Women and interested Family Rights Groups. I think the message of the strike action should be that men have had enough of being discluded from the lives of their children.I have many ideas on campaigns building up to this strike action.A package should be available for down load with instructions on how to use the campaign kit. ( I am good at this stuff. I am a woman and I know how to get attention)The campaign kit should containAn email campaign- Sample letters that can be copied with the persons details , if they so wish, and email addresses to send these letters to. We should target the media. (keep it out of the hands fo the feminist pollies who could quickly arrange a DV campaign for the same day or some such thing) Regional Papers, keeping the information flowing directly to the community with out censorship. The larger Papers will pick it up as there will be a great deal of community interest in the subject. Targeting friends and associates on your email list with sample emails to bring to thier attention the circumstances and also a copy of the Campaign kit as an attatchment.A texting campaign- An example of Texts to send to Regional newspapers and friends in your phone list informing them of the situation. This could include information on where to find the Campaign kit so they too can join in supporting this cause. A postal campaign- Again targeting the media and friends. Here we present ourselves with a visual oppourtunity. I propose a post card campaign. In the Campaign kit there will be post cards that a person can print off. These post cards will contain a printed message that we wish to convey to the media and it will be topped off with a visual image, some very provoking. People can choose which images they wish to send that they feel best describes the situation. I have found several images that fit the bill, from the shadows of a family on the pavement, a father walking hand and hand with his child, a picture of a tagged adult male foot clearly taken in a morgue (or made to look that way) with the word Dad on the tag. And a couple of others. I purchased these images with permission to print 500 000 0f each.The Radio Campaign- A well thought out and provoking debate to bring to the community of radio in all local areas. Perhaps this is best handled by hand picked spokes people so as not to drown out the central message with everyones differing thoughts on the matter. Information for the media to get in contact with these spokes people to continue the debate. This is a radio stations dream as they like to encourage listeners to tune in.The Strike Campaign- A detailed run through of times and places for strike action, information on speakers for the day, Information on signs that can be made, slogans and chants. A call for parents affected by disenfranchisement to speak out (3 mins to say a little about their heart breaking experiences) A call for older children to speak out about the affects of disenfranchisement on their lives, Reading of statistics in between that back up our campaign. And for families who wish it, in the evening a solemn a reading of the names of Fathers who have lost their lives becasue they could not be with their children and it was too much for them to bear any longer. (maybe a little candle light vigil for them too) Every location where this action is taking place shoudl stick as beast it can, to the schedule. Not too many places of course. We will need to try and gather as many people to a singular area as we can.We can also mail out the campaign to other groups who will be supportive and sympathetic to our cause.Timing is exceptionally important as we need the element of surprise on our side. Too soon and the feminists will discredit us with their own campaign. To late and we do nto rally enough troops. (I should have been in the militiary)Kind RegardsTant!PS. I knwo this may sound complicated but I assure you it is really quite a simple print and post set up in such a way that is probably takes ten minutes out of a persons day in the build up and then one day of strike action. PSS I am very excited now!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jason Thompson Sunshine Coast QLD

Jason Thompson father of a daughter comments on Michael Flood researcher on Domestic Violence:

"The thing that gets up my nose about him is his sloppiness, fueled clearly by misandry.

For instance he champions the idea of a plurality of masculinities. But then turns to men's and father's groups and labels them with huge unifying characteristics such as "sexist" or "anti-feminist" or "angry" as if they were all one and the same. In the next breath he labours the immense diversity within women's collectives.

We are all tired of Michael's misandry. But one thing for sure is that in the battle between him and the entire planet of diverse men -a battle he initiated- we can surely back those men to put a stop to it.
Dr. Flood is helping to lead a successful campaign to influence Australian learning. Instead of the traditional 3R's, it is soon to be changed to the 4R's :reading, writing, rithmatic, and respect-for- girls.

Fancy that, Michael Flood is your children's new teacher.... Coming to a school near you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ross Mitchell Raymond Terrace NSW

Ross Mitchell of behalf of DADS ON THE AIR made the following public threat to the authors of another blog exposing Mens Rights Groups:

"Oh yeah, one last point, they made it personal, not me, and if I ever find out who they are they are dead..... Thats a threat ETT.... better do something about it
Very Happy no wonder they remain anonymous....... f**kin yellow coward"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mike Ward Western Australia

Mike Ward says

"Why the hysteria over child abuse and domestic violence?

To undermine the fathers role in society. To portray men in the worst possible light by reducing male influence in the home."


"Feminists are weeds in the family garden. We should all play a part in clearing the garden of such pests."

We say
Yeah Mike like ugly and bitter old and violent men are an asset to society?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grant Atthowe Bunbury W.A.

Grant Atthowe Sperm Donor of 4 children and DeadBeat Dad from Bunbury

Wrote this letter to complain about paying Child Support for 4 children.

16th August 2007

The Honorable Minister for Families

Mr. Mal Brough

Dear Sir,

My name is Grant Atthowe and I am writing to you to get answers to my predicament. I am a divorced father of 4 children, 3 from my marriage and 1 from an unsavory affair (which you can read about in another file). Since all of this occurred I have been struggling to keep up to all of my commitments to the point of driving myself further into debt. I tried, through the C.S.A’s objection process, to work out a more equitable way for me to handle things and basically was told that everything I was telling them about my expenses were day to day things that everyone has to pay for. The difference is, not everybody is paying out in excess of $300.00 per week in child support.

Here we go then, question time.
1.Why is child support calculated on a person’s gross wage?
2.Why does there have to be a 15% difference between last years income to a projected income to qualify for a reduction in child support?
3.Why does the appeals process not work?
4.Why don’t you go after every non paying parent with the same voracity as you do an existing customer?
5.How is a person supposed to get on with their lives when they are being penalized so unjustly?

I probably have more but these will suffice for the time being. Listed below is an actual picture of my present circumstances. What I want to know is how I am supposed to live? Can you tell me how to fund all this, without breaking the rules?

My wages work on an 8 week cycle. I only have 7 weeks worth of actual figures but will include an estimation for week 8. Expenditure includes child support payable on one case, mortgage on the family home in which my ex wife resides and my rent. The other child support is deducted direct from my wages. Out of the remaining I am to provide food for myself and my 3 kids who stay with me on days off, fuel, gas, electricity and communications services.

Nett Income Expenditure Amount Remaining

$615.30 $600.33 $14.97

$613.78 $600.33 $13.45

$671.45 $600.33 $71.12

$475.50 $600.33 $124.83-

$636.23 $600.33 $35.90

$660.44 $600.33 $60.11

$590.45 $600.33 $9.88-

$680.00E $600.33 $79.67

Not a pretty picture is it. How one manages is by doing the following. By transferring money to a credit card, used primarily to pay bills and fund purchases, not paying some things by the due date, not paying the child support to my ex I can still do the basics. I get a small stipend from the Family Assistance office, around $125 per fortnight, $40 dollars of which goes to gas and electricity.

In the past I have resorted to doing overtime at work to pay for all this. Problem is, the more money I earn the more C.S.A takes away. I am forced to pay an amount of money based on my gross taxable income yet I am expected to pay this out of my nett disposable income. What sort of backhanded logic is that?

This is the expected child support and percentages based on a rounded income figure of $67,000.00 (approx what I earned last year) with $19,000.00 tax. Amounts are broken down into the following order, percentage, yearly and weekly.

C.S.A. case 1 10.85% $ 7,269.50 $139.79

C.S.A. case 2 19.00% $12,730.00 $244.80

If this calculation was based on my nett income it would be as follows.

C.S.A. case 1 10.85% $ 5,208.00 $100.15

C.S.A. case 2 19.00% $ 9,120.00 $175.38

A calculator will tell you that makes a difference to my disposable income of $109.06 per week. Add that to what I have left over in the previous table and you can see that whilst still not pretty, it’s at least a manageable situation.

I have recently done an estimation of income with C.S.A. which has forced me into the situation of not doing any overtime this financial year as it will only cost more in the following year. Until the legislation is looked at seriously to reflect the circumstances in the real world then I will have no option but to either not do overtime, bankrupt myself and hence become unemployed or quit work, go into the unemployment system and defraud the system somehow so I can have a life. Now I know that will raise a red flag but, seriously, if your office was so keen to get it right, you would be chasing down the hardcore deadbeats that have been rorting the system for years. I at the very least have tried my bum off to do the right thing to support my kids and won’t stop now just because of an unfair, unrealistic and draconian system devised by morons who really have no concept of what reality is.

It’s all very well to make these rules but please, for pities sake, have a look at the side effects. It is little wonder paying parents, mostly men, don’t do the right thing, some are pushed to abandon their children and go underground, much as my father did when I was young, thus depriving both the children and themselves of each other, some are even pushed to suicide because it just becomes so damn hard that you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The dissolution of relationships between adults is catastrophic enough as it is and both parties, when issues are finally resolved, have the right and, dare I say it, an obligation to themselves and their children to move forward. This can only benefit children involved if they can understand that whilst mum and dad are no longer together, they are at least happy with their lot and there are no lingering problems that affect their relationships with each other.

This brings to mind the other issue I referred to. It is obvious by media reports that we are heading to a potential situation where unprincipled women, possibly attracted by the federal governments baby bonus, are having children with men they have no intentions of staying with and thus depriving these children of the opportunity to have a father figure in their lives while all the time taking the money with great delight from these poor bastards whose lives are then effectively ruined for the next 18 to 20 years. These days you get less for manslaughter. I don’t think this was the concept behind the treasurer’s request for people to have more babies. And before you respond, yes everyone has to take some responsibility for the child but, if it can be proven that there was never any intention of a good faith commitment to ensure the child had the benefit of a two parent influence from the outset, then some sort of appropriate measures have to be devised that make the woman in question accountable, not deprive the child and not unnecessarily impact on the male involved to his detriment.

I apologize for the longwinded nature of this letter but I need you to understand the whole picture both emotionally and financially, to get an idea of the fact that these are probably not my thoughts but the same emotions being felt by thousands of other people out there in every electorate. All I want is a system that is just and fair for all concerned mums, dads and children. I am positive that with the enormous resources available to you that some sort of system can be devised that works for all.

Thanking you in advance for your time and looking forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Grant Atthowe

NB It has recently come to my attention that the woman involved in the 'unsavoury affair' has taken up with her ex boyfriend (one she dumped so she could get pregnant to me) again and from what I understand she has been seeing him for some time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Barry Williams ACT Liar

Barry Williams lies and commits fraud in a submission to the Australian Senate in February 2009

"The LFAA is not and never has been an extreme group of any kind. The Association
is a moderate and "mainstream" group of fathers and associated family members and
friends who wish to remain part of their children's lives after separation. It has been
recognised as such for several decades, at the highest political level, by successive
Governments from both sides of politics. During this time, the LFAA has made many
well-regarded and influential submissions to government and the Parliament on family
law and related issues.
The LFAA is not in any sense anti-woman. Women account for one third of its
membership and half of its National Committee, and the LFAA has close links with
the gender-neutral, Australia-wide organisation, Parents Without Partners.
Nor is the LFAA in any way anti-gay. It has conducted community services on behalf
of government which fully recognised and respected the equal rights of gay clients,
and was pleased to be able to do this. The LFAA does believe that, at least in the great
majority of cases, children require for their proper emotional and moral development
suitable contact with both their biological parents - but this is not an anti-gay position,
merely a commonsense one.
The LFAA is very strongly opposed to violence against women, and has made this
clear on many occasions. The LFAA is, however, also opposed to family violence
against men and children, and has reservations about one-sided propaganda campaigns
against men which create an unjustified anti-male climate of opinion in the
community, encourage false accusations, and fail to provide the help needed by
women, including women who use violence against their children. The "UN report on
violence against women" which Senator Siewert referred to was considered by the UN
representatives of a number of senior western countries, including Australia, to have
displayed an unacceptably extreme gender bias against men, and was not adopted by
the relevant UN committee for that reason. Failure to understand and accept that
decision does indeed, in the LFAA's view, amount to "denial" of the reality of
domestic violence."

Barry Williams is Vice President of Shared Parenting Council of Australia and therefore a direct line to Dads On The Air, D.I.D.S. Self Represented Litigants, CRC Kids amongst others Fathers Rights groups.
Some views that Barry Williams has endorsed on those various forums are:

"Yeah, but did the woman and kids have any visible signs of being bashed? Probably another bullshit story by another rotten bitch who is about to relieve her ex husband of his children, family home and all his belongings and of course his future wages" On a woman provided with service from a DV shelter.

""Thanks for once again demonstrating the alliance between feminism and
homosexuality - in their diminishment on normal heterosexual men as

What you say is wrong. There is a difference between a normal
heterosexual man being a father and a pervert thinking he can be the
same from the start with another man and without a mother for the

Children have rights. And one of those rights is to grow up in a
normal heterosexual union/family of one father and one mother.
For homosexuals - whether they be male or female - to decide and to do
otherwise is unnatural and perverted and a gross injustice to the
child(ren). "

""Yep. And I'm satisfied that God is correct and that he says
homosexuality is wrong and will be punished be it ever so severely"

"Why should you have to pay for something that you didn't want? There are other options for a mother in this situation; however, she decided to keep the baby without my husband agreeing, so I believe she should fit the bill. I know this sound rash, but its how I and I am sure thousands of others feel. By the way before everyone gets upset we are law abiding citizens and pay, eventhough I think it is WAY too much for something we get no use out of. "

"Your disagreement with, and hostility towards, me are noted.'Child support' is bigger and broader than you or I and you need to expand your horizons, considerations and understandings and see the big picture.I won't be looking in your wardrobe love. And I don't dye my hair; it is a vanity and extravagance that only leads to regrowth.There are many men who see beyond the shallowness of fading beauty and children, so perhaps your problem is attitudinal and that may be what is keeping men away.As it happens I do get out whenever I chose. After many years of caring for my now adult child I have more freedom. You will too, if you are patient and not so self-focussed.If it was your choice to end your family and take the children away from their father then yes, you should be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions and get a job and support yourself and the children. That is the honest, decent and fair thing to do ... Don't you think? ... For people to accept responsibility for their actions. (Allegations of abuse will not be taken seriously until we hear his side of the story.)" To a woman who believed her child had been abused by her ex husband and who was not paying child support.

"I, for one, do not welcome the C$A to this site, nor their participation. If my will were to prevail, it would be otherwise.
I despise any organisation that forcibly takes money from innocent people who have committed no crime. What the C$A does is theft and extortion using mafia-like standover techniques and tactics. I hurt no one and committed no crime. Because of the actions of another person I was forced to pay money to the Australian federal government via its C$A. I will not forget nor forgive that extortion and theft. Nor the harm and hurt done to thousands of innocent fathers over the years. "

This is also a website of Barry Williams

that was apparently set up to counteract this attack on a blog about which is his website that mainly deals with how to avoid paying Child Support.

And Barry Williams approved of the user Danytink sending this threat to the owner/owners of that blog which resulted in one of the people having to get a Court Ordered restraining order.

"You go under a series of names on the FLWG page. You are "Get The Facts" and you are "Solemother" and your birthdate is 5/9/1980 or 9/5/1980. You are a female who is about 29 years old and live in Tasmania. You are not "we" but "I" - as if others would be a sick as you are.
I do not have a porn obsession for the last time and I delketed stuff so you cannot take me out of context as you already have.
The FLWG guys are onto you and we are waiting for legal advice among other things we are looking into. Take this slander down and we will persue you no more. We have connections that you don't want to know about and they are not within law.
Lock your doors and windows.


Then there's this...from

Saliently, the response also claimed that domestic violence programs "have been shown to result in widespread violations of due process protections... weaken families, bias divorce proceedings, and deprive children of contact from their fathers." That statement goes beyond advocating for male domestic violence victims. Way beyond."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jim Carter Lone Fathers Canberra

Jim Carter and Barry Williams sent in a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Sex Discrimination Act that contained some of the following quotes:

"Perceived discrimination against women
The present era, when gender ideologues assert that women can do anything that men
can do (but not the reverse) has been made possible by the enormous advances in
productivity and income over the last century or so. A key manifestation of this has
been the introduction of all kinds of labour-saving devices into the home, which have
greatly lightened the drudgery of housework and released women for a wide range of
other occupations.
These advances have been primarily due to the creativity, ingenuity, dedication,
motivation, and passion of men in developing the scientific, technological, political,
legal, cultural, commercial, and industrial basis for the huge increases in wealth which
have occurred. Women have made this creative work by men possible, through their
efforts in nurturing and sustaining the members of their families and their other
supportive work.
Women have benefited from the increase in wealth and improvement in health and
wellbeing as much as or more than any other group in society. There has, for the
most part, been fruitful and effective cooperation between the sexes."

"Discrimination against men
By ignoring the experience of men, the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 has helped to
entrench and intensify many serious forms of discrimination against men. These,
inter alia, include:
- the dismissal of men’s equal reproductive rights,
- the denial by courts of the rights of hundreds of thousands of fathers to love,
guide, and instruct their children,....
As noted by DOTA:
“In Australia today, only women have reproductive rights. Upon becoming
pregnant, a woman can choose to have the baby, have an abortion, or put the
baby up for adoption. A man has no legal right to choose whether he will
become a father or even be notified that he has become a father.”
This form of discrimination relates to decisions about the very procreation of life
"Fathers in Australia have in recent
decades taken on a much more hands-on parenting role than in the past. But this has
led to difficulties in many relationships, with a much increased probability of

Jim Carter

And the government funds these clowns?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jeremy Swanson Canada

Also known as Jeremy Swineson likes to contribute copious amounts of information that denigrates women on various forums and news groups.

If you believe him, his wife left him "suddenly" and he didn't know anything about it. He also says quite openly that he has chosen to have nothing to do with his children, so then why is he working for FATHERS RIGHTS groups when he willingly abandoned his children?

Monday, March 16, 2009

John Abbott Melbourne THE BLACKSHIRTS

"In my view, adultery is much more damaging to children’s lives than paedophilia itself. Adultery not only corrupts a child but the entire family as well. Every member of the family unit (including the entire extended family) is deeply affected by such an act and for a very long time."

Would that be because you were so enraged at your ex wife because she left you John? Pedophilia is ok is it John?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Leeahn Griffin-Scott Brisbane

This is an email I sent off to the pollies n media. Lets see if they pay any attention whatsoever. I have purposefully used a fairly softly softly approach. Am working on another letter to the pollies n media inregards to the injustice and lack of fair play within the confines of the hallowed Judicial system. Anyways, let me know what ya think.



23rd February 2009
Lee Griffin-Scott

************ ********
Jimboomba 4280


Dear Sir.,

This letter is the culmination of a number of years of personal experience and self-education and is both a story and a lesson for all mothers who have been or are in the midst of divorce proceedings. I have experienced the pain of family disintegration, single- parenthood, child support difficulties and yes, the joy of rebuilding and remarriage too. There is a very disturbing phenomenon emerging from a dark source in angered ex-spouses that is becoming widely recognized in legal and medical circles because of its devastating impact.

As a woman, mother, stepmother, wife and divorcee, I have heard and shared experiences of my female and male friends. One trend has disturbed me immensely -- men whose precious relationships with sons and daughters of all ages have been almost or in some cases completely lost. I speak of successful men in their early 40s who have warm hearts, soft voices and deep thoughtful eyes who love their kids profoundly and regularly pay support, but who have not sufficient energy or desire for psychological warfare with ex-spouses seeking revenge. I suspect that there are many (both women and men) who are already beginning to see their own reflections here.

There are two important truths about this issue that most of us would prefer neither to recognize nor discuss: 1) Children make very effective weapons, and 2) sadly, motherhood can have a dark side. Women have the power (and certainly not all of us use it) to punish ex-husbands for perceived unforgivable transgressions.

There are the tried-and-true tactics -- convenient reasons why visits can't take place, ensuring his new partner will never be accepted, psychological punishment for the child who speaks well of a step- parent, locking kids into loyalty issues they struggle with but accept painfully, making Dad feel like the "wallet" and nothing more.

Women do these things with confidence because courts cannot enforce the "soft" clauses of divorce agreements such as "you will consult on matters of education and health." Controlling the behaviours, thoughts or desires of a child is tough to prove and the system has put all its effort into the really important stuff -- collecting support cash.

It gets worse. The psychiatric community has thoroughly researched and documented what has become known as the "parental alienation syndrome." (One reference book is The Parental Alienation Syndrome by Richard A. Gardner, MD.) It is a disorder that is probably most easily recognized in bogus sexual abuse charges against ex-spouses where a parent (most often the mother) convinces a child and the courts that "Daddy touched you, didn't he?"

For some women, it's handy in other ways and is used on kids from tots to teenagers in varying degrees. Here are a few examples of typical parent-alienating statements: "The way your Dad got angry at you over the car, you know that really is abusive" or "You wouldn't believe some of the things your father did/said when we were married É " or "I just don't know how we're going to pay these bills, and look at your father in that nice house," or "I guess your Dad has taken her side against you -- I would never do that to you."

I could go on, but you probably get the point. The strategy is to create a negative image of the other parent consistently and continuously so as eventually to ensure that the child himself will choose to have nothing to do with the target parent.

Women's groups should be proud of the work done to empower their constituents. And parental alienation is perpetrated by fathers as well. However, it is primarily women who seem to engage in this activity as their only means of wreaking vengeance. Although a subterranean type of warfare, it has its victims, and the most critically wounded are the very children one claims to be protecting.

Much of this is understandably difficult to accept since we want so much to live in a world where motherhood is honoured.

The father gives something very special to his children that has nothing to do with the relationship (good or bad) between him and his ex-spouse. We have every right to fear for our communal health and well-being when fathers are prevented from loving and children from being loved.

For some men, the alienation strategy is successful and they silently admit defeat, fleeing emotionally or physically -- some likely become what we refer to as "deadbeat dads," others resigning themselves to whatever sort of relationship is possible from a comfortable distance out of firing range. You can imagine the silent suffering of shattered children who stand dutifully behind their grinning victorious mothers. We have all lost something.

When society vocalizes the need for fathers to take more responsibility, we must wonder how many silent female voices will never admit publicly that they simply won't let them.

There will be a reaction from those with opposing views and examples to support "dead-beat dadism" and "single mum heroism." The real issue, however, is prevention -- what can we do?

Well, aside from raising daughters who have sufficient self-worth to renounce such tactics, if you have a friend, a sister, a daughter-in- law, a cousin who you believe to be in the process of alienating the children from Dad in whatever measure, say something in a kind, gentle and supportive way about the importance of a father in a child's life. You will surely have made a small contribution to the greater good and maybe a big difference in a child's life.

Lee Griffin-Scott

Let's hope they Google your name Leeahn to find out what you're really saying about the children and that someone steps in to save them. See Earlier Post about Leeahn Griffin-Scott

Also goes by various aliases on the net including Griffoscott, cawzforconcern, csavictim1994.

Laurie Nowell Reporter Herald Sun Melbourne


A MELBOURNE father of three has been jailed for sending a birthday card to his daughter.

The man "Mick" — who cannot be identified for legal reasons — was locked up in a suburban police station for seven nights and spent another in the tough Melbourne Custody Centre.

He says he was surrounded by drug addicts and people charged with violent offences during his ordeal last month.

Mick claims he is a victim of a family law system that is biased against fathers.

"I was jailed for nine days and eight nights for sending my 11-year-old daughter a birthday card," he said.

"Apparently I broke an intervention order.

"It's ludicrous and it breaks your heart."

The 51-year-old is estranged from his wife and claims she has brought a series of intervention orders against him, banning him from contact with his children, without any evidence.

"Until my wife divorced me I was a legally unimpeachable citizen — now

Unjust: "Mick" was jailed for eight nights.

I'm being treated like a criminal just because I want some contact with my kids," Mick said yesterday.

"And that contact was

ended arbitrarily without even a hearing or the presentation of evidence.

"jn a court of law, if you are accused of something you are supposed to have the ability to cross examine your accusers and call witnesses.

"In the secret chambers of the Family Court you are not guaranteed that at all."

Mick says the experience has cost him $20,000 and his career as a writer.

"It's a plundering and looting exercise on the part of lawyers involved in this and there are no juries or scrutiny by media to keep them accountable," he said.

The Sunday Herald Sun was denied access to documents relating to Mick's case and lawyers for his estranged wife declined to be interviewed.

Historian and academic Prof John Hirst this week called for an overhaul of family law.

"The court is not enforcing its decisions, the costs of going to court are onerous and there is little public accountability," he said.

Are fathers being treated unfairly? Have your say at au

It's a pity he didn't consider the truth when writing a "good story". The person he is writing about is Nick Martin who has made threats against his ex wife's lawyer, the family reporter, the judge and anyone else involved in his case. There was never a birthday card even, and Nick Martin knowingly and deliberately breached an intervention order. He's been on the run from the police for a long time and is facing 12 charges. . Laurie Powell didn't even get that part right. Stories like this, don't help the mens rights and they certainly don't help Laurie Powell who doesn't mind telling a few lies to get published.

This email to Fathers4equality forum from Martin himself:

From Norsaint/Nick Martin
the library is within 500 yards of the ex wife's house (my old place) and that is the distance now stipulated by an intervention order.
I've been charged with going there, sending texts to my older daughter (although funnily enough, no complaint was ever made about this; the walloper grabbed my phone and after snooping through it, found - sorry, allegedly found - texts to daughter wishing her happy birthday etc).
Facing 12 charges in all. They include writing to children, to the ex, urging her to come to her senses, her sister urging her to use her influence for good, birthday wishes to children etc, talking to her in court one day etc. .
Laughable stuff of course but alas, we don't get to appear in front of juries in these "special courts" for "special" people, and I've got a suspended sentence hanging over my head. (had to plead guilty 18 months ago to get out after three days, having been jugged for watching my son play football)
There is no due process of law, which means they're corrupt courts and shouldn't exist.
With regard the birthday card, the chief walloper confidently informed the woman (what else?) Magistrate that it had been "intercepted by the victim"!
This sort of bastardization of the language puts a whole new perspective on going to the post office to collect one's mail.
Perhaps we could bring a class action against Australia Post, for victimization.
With regard the satire about letters below, this sort of thing has already been seriously proposed in the US by their crooked industry shonks. The idea to build big compounds whereby fathers could fleetingly visit their off-spring has been mooted, according to Baskerville. In fact I think he pointed out a situation whereby a lunatic judge was proposing castration for men who fell behind with their divorce subsidy payments.
Thrilling stuff.

Then there was this garbage which contained lies yet again by Laurie Nowell. The truth was Simon Hunt (who identified himself on various forums) breached an Intervention Order and went to his ex wife's house. The order was made int he County Court and Simo Hunt chose to ignore that order and has no respect for the courts at all. He has actually already breached the new order by publishing it, complete with his ex wife and daughters address in Brighton on 3 different Mens Rights Groups public forums.

Banned dad agonizes at loss Herald Sun

January 3rd, 2009 · 2 Comments

Banned dad&squo;s agonising loss Herald Sun

Laurie Nowell

December 07, 2008 12:00am

“STEVE” has been barred from seeing his daughter for seven years.

He has never harmed his only child or her mother. He has never threatened them and a court has accepted he is of good character.

But last week, after a tortuous 10-year journey through four courts, more than 20 hearings, 12 psychologists and six lawyers, he was told he could not see his daughter until she came of age.

Steve, whose real name cannot be revealed for legal reasons, has gone through more than 20 intrusive psychological examinations, while daughter “Molly” has endured seven.

He says he has spent more than $100,000 in 10 years.

His wife twice raised sexual-abuse allegations, proven false after months of investigation.

But the court accepted she would “shut down” emotionally if Steve was allowed to see his daughter and that her distress would affect her parenting skills.

It was deemed in Molly’s best interests that she not see her father until she turned 18.

Now Steve, a successful small businessman from Melbourne’s southern suburbs, faces being alienated from his daughter forever.

“It just rips your heart out. If you can’t forge a relationship with your child in their formative years, there’s a real risk that you never have a good relationship,” he said yesterday.

“There was no violence, threats, abuse, harassment or intimidation.

“I was shocked when (the judge) announced that the order would apply to both my ex-wife and our daughter and would last for 10 years.

“I was able to persuade her that this would criminalise me if my daughter tried to contact me when she grew up.

“But I bucked the system and paid the price. If you argue with the court’s finding, they label you as unco-operative.”

Steve said while everyone wanted women and children protected from violence, intervention orders should not be used as weapons in custody battles.

“These orders are being used to persecute men and children by litigants who know courts will always err on the side of caution and remove fathers without there being any violence at all,” he said.

Steve said he feared his daughter had been scarred by the court’s insistence on psychological examinations.

This year he approached his ex-wife’s new partner to see if there was any chance of mediation that would allow him to see Molly.

His wife instantly launched legal action alleging he breached an intervention order that prevented him approaching her or Molly.

“The court decided that my - very polite - conversation with my ex’s partner represented harassment. It’s just unbelievable,” Steve said.

Thanks to Laurie Nowell's repeated searches on his name, the ranking for this page has increased to Number 1 for Google searches on Laurie Nowell.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Michael Green Newtown Sydney

The brayings of feminist groups are rooted in a similar anxiety for self-preservation and in the feminist myth. Their support for the present system reveals a concern about power and money: if mothers share the parenting of children, it follows inevitably that they will have to share control of the family and of the resources that come with it, i.e. the home and financial support.

The need revealed by women’s groups for funding and resources to support abused women and children is well established and accepted. Not so, however, is the radical position that this is the lot of most women and children, particularly in the aftermath of separation or divorce. Radical feminism has done a disservice to women. It has sought to portray them as poor, suffering creatures that need protection from men and from paternalistic institutions. They are unable to speak confidently for themselves, to make their own choices, and are easily led into negotiations where their will and interests are overborne. Such thinking is a grave insult to the majority of women.

Ask any experienced mediator who carries the power in a mediation: almost inevitably the mother with the children.

This guy is the president of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia at night and during the day he works as a mediator specialising in Family Law. Guess who's side he's not on? If you're a woman attending a mediation session at his office, insist on a refund.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leeahn Griffin-Scott Brisbane

"Ok, this is going to be a long one, so my apologies on the outset.

My wonderful husband has 2 X's. The first sofalofadrphilwatchingchocolatemunchingreligiouszealotpasinducingwelfaretheivingobeseoxygenthief, is the egg donor of my wonderful husbands first 3 children. Now these kids are now 17.16.13. We have not seen these kids since 2003, when the eldest decided that I was the cause of all the wars currently being waged in the world. In her not coming she decided that the other younger children shouldnt come also. Henceforth, no contact AT ALL since Xmas 2003. Twas convinent that she came intime for Xmas...hmmm

Anyways I digress.

The 2nd X is a psychopathicredheadedfreakofnature. I kid you not. This woman is an unmittigated lunatic. My wonderful husband partnered with her as he walked out the door of his first marriage. Long story. My wonderful husband has a 9yr old child to this fool.

Now the 1st X and the 2nd X absolutely loathed each other with every breath in their rather rotund bodies.

When my wonderful husband and I got together they decided to pal up and make our lives a living nightmare.

You need to understand some history here between the two X's. When my wonderful husband was with the psychopathicredheadedfreakofnature, his youngest at the time was 2 ( this was the child with the first X), the 1st X decided that she didnt want the children coming over for contact any longer and lodged sexual abuse allegations against the 2nd X. An investigation ensured, and all was found to be unsubstainted.

The 1st X was apparently so terrified of the 2nd X, that she went into hiding ( but still allowing contact to continue), had the silent number yada yada yada, had the AVo against my wonderful husband and the 2nd X.

Fast forward to my wonderful husband separating from the 2nd X. Well the 2nd X decides that she is going to return the favour to the first X by lodging sexual abuse allegations against my wonderful husbands son ( at the time 9) for interferring with the child from the union between my wonderful husband and the psychopathicredheadedfreakofnature ( the child was only 3). Again this was investigated by the police, Docs and I dare suggest the toothfairy. Again this allegation was found to be vexatious and unsubstainted.

Fast forward to 2003, after my wonderful husbands elder children decided that they didnt want any more to do with him, other than his wallet. Well the 1st X and the 2nd X decide that all allegations that they had against each other were just misunderstandings, and now they are bosum buddies!!

Well the first X and the second X decide that they are going to lodge sexual abuse allegations against my wonderful husband and myself over ALL the children....hmmmmm...can anyone see where I am going with this. Mind these allegations only came to light in 2005 when we were almost at trial for change of residence for my wonderful husbands child with the psychopathicredheadedfreakofnature. Apparently these allegations were backed up by ALL of his kids.

I know this is an awful thing to say, but if I never saw his children again it would be too too damn soon. I cannot and never will forgive them for what they have done to their father. I on the other hand, can and should expect some problems. But what they have done to the only parent that loves them more than life itself, is absolutely without question unforgiveable.

My wonderful husband would welcome them back with open arms, regardless of what they have done.

I should mention that my wonderful husband and I are foster carers. We have a sibling group of 4 ADHD kids. We have had these kids since 2003 and they arent going anywhere. We are Mum and Dad to them. they range in age from 11-4.

Both the X's have done their level best to have the children removed from our care. It bothers me that in their efforts of destroying our life, they are just using the children we have as collateral damage.

What gets me more than anything I guess, is that they all porport to be absolutely godfearing christian people.

I am furious. I just want them out of my life.

My wonderful husband still has contact EOW and half of all hols with the child from the psychopathicredheadedfreakofnature.

I find her deplorable. I can find absolutely nothing redeeming about her. I know that sounds horrific to say, and to be honest it bothers me beyond belief that i feel this way about the child.

My wonderful husband is currently awaiting trial in Jan07 for change of residence regarding the 9yr old. I am terribly concerned should he get residence as to how I am going to able to deal with her on a fulltime basis.

I know I am the adult. I know I should set the example, but I literally cant bear to be in the same room as her. The kids we have are being tormented by her on a reg basis.

Help needed folks.

Again sorry for the length



Wonderful stepmother who got custody of the child.