Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Paul Saurine DIDS Sydney on Bruce Pardo Murderer

"We all know there is no excuse for this kind of action. But we also know that there is always a reason.

There are certain triggers that push people into depression and that feeling of helplessness that results in such an aggressive behaviour.

The system knows them all, yet still implements each and every one of them through the family court process."

Also goes by Thad50 on many mens sites.

James Adams on "Rememberance" Day

Today is Rememberance Day.
11/11/1918 was the signing of the armistice ending WWI, where millions of men were slaughtered, ordered to their deaths.
Remember that women were as guilty of the slaughter. Around the World, men who didn't volunteer were sent white feathers by women, showing that they were cowards... many men only signed up after this insult!
When you hear the Feminist lie that men have oppressed women for thousands of years, remember that women were not ordered to their deaths in mass attacks against machine-gun nests.
Women were not allowed to work in the 'dark satanic mills' of ninteenth century factories, where death and disablement from industrial accidents were common.
Women were kept in the centre of the walled towns and fortresses while the men fought, when they were invaded.
And women today have longer life, better health, less obesity, fewer die from breast cancer than men from prostrate. Boys are systematically discriminated against in school, so that two-thirds of those who get to University are women.
The majority of victims of violence are men, and the violent perpetrators too... because men live in a mroe violent world than women. The majority of alchololics and drug users are men. But for the same crime, women are less likely to go to jail and will get a shorter sentence. I could go on...
For all men, killed in all wars, I am wearing rosmary today.
Marketing Analyst
Fairfax Business Media
1 Darling Island Rd, Pyrmont, 2009 AUSTRALIA
Wk +61 2 9282 3836 Mob 0417 258 364

Monday, December 29, 2008

Peter Gregory Mt Barker WA

Peter Gregory on abortion

"This is nothing more than another area of life that the seething sisters have forged their way into so they can have full control over every aspect of their lives, including the life that grows within their own body. And these arrogant bitches believe they have the right to make decisions about their own bodies even to the detriment of someone else's body and life. Well, that child within their womb is not their body to what ever they want with."

Peter Gregory Mt Barker WA

"Simon and Nick,

I agree with what both of you are saying.

I completely agree that we should not be 'bagging bum bangers' in this group just for the sake of vilifying a group different to us.

However, it is a well known fact that there are feminist lessos' and their male counterparts who have now infiltrated into positions of power within all areas of family law and other govt depts as well. These people will be using their influence to wreak havoc on the institution of 'The Nuclear Family', so that they can bring about a new era of a different type of family.

These people (I use the term loosely) do not deserve normal respect, because of the effect they have had on our society and for the number of lives they have destroyed.

I too have worked with and known poofs of both gender and have never had any problems with them. However, they have no right to have rammed down our throats and the throats of our children, that their disgusting lifestyle is normal or in any way shape or form acceptable.

So, in agreeance with Rob, let's not get too dirty and let's not waste too much time on bagging bum bangers.

However, we have a duty to our children and ourselves, to identify all those evil scum who are perpetrators of hate against fathers and children and we must accuse them and expose them. And if they are pushing their poofter-ism on society, we must make certain that the public are aware of this, so that this festering carbuncle can be excised from this limb of govt that is the family court system, to allow some form of healing within our society.

Peter G"

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blake Abbott, Sunrise Beach

In a letter to Joe Ludwig Blake Abbott wrote:

"I know my CSA payments are spent on Alcohol, Nicotine and what ever else the ex needs. WHY? Because your system allows her to do it! Again, make those in receipt of CSA payments account for the money and I guarantee you would almost wipe out your outstanding debt. If every paying parent got proof the money they have to pay was actually being used for the children.... you would be on your way to having a much "fairer" system and you take away the receiving parents ability to hold the other to ransom."

Blake it's not your money. How your ex spends it after looking after the children is her business not yours. Get over the control issues. I can see why you are not married anymore.

Nick Martin , Melbourne

Nick Martin AKA Norsaint

"We must stop playing their game and calling it child support.
It is a divorce subsidy, nothing less.

How can we talk about "child support" when the overwhelming number of
divorced men have had divorce imposed upon them against their wishes?"

Paul Gleeson

Again, I agree. I think that if gays can help destroy families then that probably helps justify their way of life. By helping wreak havoc in the courts they can say that the heterosexual way of life isn't the way to go. I personally think that within the legal system there is a sick & perverse group(s) that is in their personal interests to help dismantle the traditional family unit. Take the father away from the family and that family is then exposed/left wide open to abuse. I vaguely remember back many years ago in South Aust., they traced a paedophile ring back to a group of judges. Strangely enough nothing ever come from it. I dont have anything against gays, I have some good friends that are that way. I just dont think they should be allowed into certain positions in society.
Paul "

Terryw64 terryw@digisurf.net.au

"Spot on with everything you said. I know that my daughter's mother was
secretly always jealous of my close relationship with my daughter. Still is!
By the way, one of my favourite things to do when my daughter was a baby,
believe it or not, was changing her nappy. It's the greatest time to bond with
your child after their nappy is nice and clean and fresh, and they are in the
happiest of happy moods. Just priceless.

Simon Styles, Perth

"Complaint To the Chief Executive - Child Support Agency (sent today)
Dear Sir,
I write to you to make you aware of my case which I view as extremely unfair.
I received notification in the mail on Sept 2nd -08 via a letter dated 27.8.08 from CSA regarding the mothers request to do agency collection again.
I was told I had to respond by 3 sept which gave me exactly 24 hrs to consider my position seek advice and respond. Hardly adequate time!
As CSA is aware via the Orders in place, I have 50% care of this child - Jordan and I am paying for all his private school education as of 2010 - payments which have already started via a $4000 payment to secure his position there.
The total owing each year will be in excess of $14000 to the school which totals over 25% of my after tax salary and the fees are increasing every year faster than any salary increases!
In addition to this I am being asked to pay payments via the agency to this mother as well as full payments of $1000's to a second mother because I see child 2 less than 30% of the time.
In the past year under private agreement I have paid nearly $8000 for medical/hospital education costs etc but apparently none ofthis can be counted even though I can prove payment.
In 14 months time With $40 000 salary after tax I am paying $14000 in school fees, another $3K+ to mother 1 and 1000's to mother 2.
End result I have less than $20 000 per year to live on and that doesnt include having to pay rent at $4-500 per week which equals over a year - $23 000 per year.
I have not one cent left just after paying just rent!
How can this work?
I have 50% custody of one of my boys and via the orders and your laws I will have minus $3000 left before i have paid any day to day expenses incl food etc.
This is a totally insane situation which must be looked into and re evaluated.
Despite my telling CSA that I was going to seek legal advice and asked for a short time beyond sept 3 to deal with this they went ahead behind my back the same day sept 2nd and approved the agency payments again!
If you want to drive me bankrupt then you are going to be successful.
If I have not recieved a reply within 7 days I will be forwarding this to the media.
This is discrimination and this is disgraceful.
Simon Styles"

More Cathryn Warren

"It’s sad Simon that we have such a similar story. I can only imagine what you have been through. Your ex must be awful. My partner’s Xmas present from the girls in 2006 was a DVD, ‘War of the Worlds’. You can imagine who chose it if you know the storyline! The poor kids. My partner did his best – made a show of putting it on TV and watching it after they had gone to bed. As soon as they were asleep he turned it off. Needless to say it was a real dampener for Xmas."

Did you ever think Cathryn that maybe YOU are the problem?

Cathryn Warren, Sydney

"I hear you Lee! We have very similar circumstances. We nearly went bankrupt trying to protect the children’s rights to see their father. We won very standard rights – every second weekend and Thursday nights every second week. His ex broke every court order going. We couldn’t do anything about it. His ex should be a politician. She was able to duck and dodge absolutely everything. Started going to church and insisting the children had to go as well and therefore break into the weekends with their father. Behind the scenes she was having an affair with a married man, on RSVP and Adult Matchmaker. The last straw for us was when we found his daughter (10 years old) text messaging the married man. Him sending her messages – that ‘we are special friends’. We found out that the ex had put the number into her phone and encouraged her to text message him. We complained to DOCs, the school, anyone who would listen. We never even got a response from anyone. The girls now complain how much they hate their father. The relationship is totally shot to pieces. If you ask the girls though they will bring up a million and one other reasons for why they don’t like their dad – ‘he’s nasty’, ‘he didn’t give me what I wanted’ etc.

In court his ex would burst into tears and say, ‘I only want to be friends’. Out of court she called us every name under the sun, told us how much she hated us etc. She would leave abusive messages on my phone – I was a slut, should go and have my own children etc. She was completely irrational if you tried to have a conversation with her."

It was alright for you Cathryn to have it off with her ex husband but the ex wife isn't allowed a relationship. You complained to Docs about a child ringing her mothers friend and yet you expect the same child to come and stay with you because you are different how? You are a pig!

Australian Family Movement

Also posted by the AustralianFamilyMovement on Fathers4Equality forum and apparently endorsed by that group as they chose not to remove it despite the fact they say they moderate that forum.

"Shows the importance of the biological family unit.
In Natura, lions kill and sometimes even eat the offspring of the previous male of the pack.
Sometimes, on the other hand, other animals will adopt offspring of others as their own.
But horrible as it is, it seems natural that the biological urge in order to continue one's line is so strong that it will use whatever means necessary to do it, including destroying competitors' offspring..
If it's natural, then there is no inherent "badness" in it. It is what has kept us alive until now.
(If only nature were Politically Correct, this wouldn't happen)
This is a good wake up call to women to do more to maintain the original marriage and "get on" with the husband and father, instead of causing trouble.
A move to end the marriage and take up with another bloke might end in their kids getting killed.
That's a great message for everybody."

Wayne Butler

Wayne Butler Secretary of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia admits in 2005 that they do not even think MOST men want Shared Parenting. What are they fighting for then?

"Notwithstanding, much research needs to be done in how many fathers are able to in fact have 50/50 time sharing. I am finding it hard to get a clear view on how many might want such contact. There appears to be much more interest in a range of percentages between 0 and 50 rather than 50/50. For those outcomes to be successful surely there needs to be a more appropriately worded legislative proposal than a simple rebutable presumption of 50/50 equal time (or joint custody as its known) to avoid the existing status quo. The SPCA has made a range of recommendations on this very matter."

Barry Williams

"Mr Williams yesterday told The Australian that he did not pen any of the offending comments and denied any bias on his part against gays or women.

"Some of my best friends are gay people," he said.

Mr Williams said he was wild about the accusations levelled against him and would take legal action to prevent damage to his reputation if need be.

"If I'm still an ambassador, I'll work with dark people, foreign people, gay people and everyone, that's my motto," he said."

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tom Knoll AKA Lindsay Jackel

Lindsay Jackel is the Victorian Director of Shared Parenting Council of Australia as well as key member of Dads On the Air and other mens rights groups:

"I myself have never been able to find out precisely what patriarchy
is. I only know that people call me a patriarch whenever I express
sentiments that differentiate me from a wallet." Lindsay Jackel
Fathers' Rights Activist, Men's Rights Activist, Misogynist, Abuser
Lobbyist (as some feminists call any separated father who wants to see
his children), etc. "

The Psycho Ex Wife Blog

Loser man from The Psycho Ex Wife Blog wrote on a long and rambling self indulgent post:

"The other morning during breakfast and while preparing for my shower,"

Lol, you prepare for your shower? What do you have to do, unbuckle your strap on testicles and put them on a shelf so they don't get wet? Buy some better ones instead of those cheap Taiwanese crap! lol

Nick Martin, Melbourne

On making comments he was going to thrash his ex wife..

"not talking about harming anyone but rather disciplining.
After all, recalcitrant and childish behaviour should be reprimanded and always was as a matter of course, before government flunkeys got involved in the private lives of individuals. Particularly when the consequences are as they are."

Jason Thompson on Bruce Pardo

Published on Fathers4Equality in response to AustralianFamilyMovement post on Bruce Pardo

"I have to agree, Yuri. Whilst we here on this site can all understand what might have pushed this guy in that direction -to murder and suicide- in the end its a crime, especially when you consider that innocents were murdered.

I'd be lying if I said that such extreme fantasies didn't cross my mind when I was being tortured by the system, the ex, the courts, community, and feminist organizations. More than once I felt like putting a stop to it in the most extreme ways imaginable. It may be that a majority of men in such an untenable position entertain such thoughts. But this was more than a batman stunt, starvation diet, or refusal to work at a paid job anymore..... it went too far.

Jason Thompson and James Adams are from Sydney and have made numerous submissions to the Australian Government on behalf of "wronged fathers".
Both are vociferous and militant members of the Fathers Rights movement in Australia and are members of various groups.

James Adams

"It'n not co-incidence.
They always run anti-man and anti father ads in hte lead up to the
biggest "family" celebrations each year... Fathers day, Mothers Day,
Christmas, Easter...

It gives an insight into the "particular type of woman" who is
driving this hatred.
Old, Lesso, hate-filled.
These are the women who were left on the shelf through hogh school
dances and uni debauchery. Hell knows no fury than a woman scorned.

If you meet these women, (Like Elspeth McInnes), the first thing that
comes into mind is that they are seething with hate. they are
a "Nasty piece of work". or Femin-Nasty.

They hate men.. that's true. But schoolgirls reserve their cruelest
taunts to the other girls, not the boys. The only thing they hate
more than men, is happilly married women.

That is why we have such incredible anti-marriage propagander and
such anti-marriage financial incentives built into the welfare and
divorce industries.

These nasties will only be happy if they destroy every marriage and
naje every women 'suffer' as they believe they have.

No, they will never be happy, but that doesn't stop them dreaming
about hurting others.

James Adams AKA parttimeparent works for Fairfax and was an unsuccessful recent contender in the NSW elections for the Family First Party headed by Steve Fielding.

The Australian Family Movement

The Australian Family Movement had this to say on Fathers4Equality forum about Bruce Pardo,the man who dressed as Santa and broke into his ex in laws Christmas party to kill 9 people and wound 3 others including children because he was unhappy about his divorce:

"Here's a toast to Bruce Pardo. He was a man.

Many will speak badly of him.

A few will say that he was a victim.

All will say that it was an unfortunate situation.

But he was obviously a man who would not submit to injustice.

His actions bespeak a man who thought about his actions, who had things well planned including a "plan B" which eventuated with his suicide.

Bruce Pardo, you were a Man.

I salute you and raise my glass at your courage and honesty.

Hail, your Spirit, Bruce. May it energize others in your situation.

Goodbye, brother. "

James Adams moderates the Fathers4Equality forum and did not choose to delete that post as he bragged that he had the power to do so.
Many Shared Parenting Council of Australia members are also members and also did not choose to condemn the post. And as posted above by Jason Thompson, it seems that many of these fathers rights members are of the same opinion and further have used this post to confess to their own murderous thoughts.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Nick Martin , Melbourne

"Yea, it is pathetic how the Filth always try and brush off their DV strong-arm stuff by saying "We know it's bullshit but we've got to do it."
This is all very well but the decision to press charges is always down to them and they don't show any reluctance to charge fathers for waving to their children or other myriad ludicrous "domestic violence" accusations. No qualms about sending innocent men to jail for this sort of nonsense, which is shameful but all part of the politicization of the justice system.
They're state functionaries and the more easy convictions they get, the better their career path looks.
I'm currently "on the run", having been told by a friend whom I was staying with briefly a few weeks ago, that the wallopers turned up - following a complaint from my ex that I was in the local library - which falls within the IO exclusion zone, with a warrant for my arrest.
My attitude now is that I may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, and should go around and give her a thoroughly decent thrashing for her treachery and assorted crimes.
It will be difficult to implement but is an increasingly enticing prospect and I would at least get to see my children for the first time in three years!"

Simon Hunt on strategy for Fathers Rights

"We need Baskerville, Alec Baldwyn and a constant supply of press releases that focus on children so the media steps away from the cheap sensationalism of pitting women against men. Otherwise what have we got? - nothin but a winge club."

And this

"Peter we're going to have to get smarter. Critising women in any shape of form is not the go. Protecting children from them is. Otherwise you can forget media support, and therefore support from polititians"

Ron De Mouilpied

Posted by Ron de Mouilpied a former Queensland policeman and current misogynist at Christmas 2008 on a fathers rights group forum,

"I have never really considered gender except to understand that 'Santa' has always been a male. I was wondering does anyone know if the dysfunctional feminists actually 'Promote Santa' to their children? It would just be so incongruent!"

This is particularly disgusting when you then read about the ex husband who dressed up as Santa and busted in his ex in laws Christmas Party dressed as Santa Clause and killed 8 people with a gun and shot an eight year old in the face along with other children.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Barry Williams

Whilst Barry Williams has withdrawn his association to the anti Gay document, "21 reasons why Gender Matters", he has still contributed to many other anti gay documents that he has not withdrawn his opinion on.  One is part of his newsletter that denounces same sex laws as, "Anti - Male".  He is also a signatory on the "21 reasons why marriage matters" document that contains hate speech toward same sex couples.  
On the 3rd of December 2008, Barry Williams was scrutinized in Parliament for his abhorrent statements about violence against women and his views on gays as a mens health ambassador.  Barry Williams signed an international petition opposing the UN report on violence against women—a petition which described the UN report as ‘ideologically anti-male’ and included the following statement:

... the result of such domestic violence programs has been to weaken families, bias divorce proceedings, and deprive children of contact from their fathers.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cathryn Warren

"From a marketing point of view I think the point Simon has been trying to make, but perhaps hasn’t been able to put succinctly, is we are all selling our dream of a better way for everyone. We all feel incredibly angry for the injustices that have been done to us.. God knows there are days where if my partner’s ex were standing in front of me I would want to physically tear her apart. However I don’t believe that is the solution.
If we are publicly angry with women as a group we will actually bring ourselves down because the sub-text of that is that we will convey that we perhaps don’t truly believe in equality. Behind the scenes it is okay to vent to each other because that is what we are here for to hear each other’s grievances.

Cathryn Warren, Sydney. Childless but her partner Nathan Butler has children with his ex wife.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Peter Gregory

Peter Gregory Western Australia AKA metoo57

Commenting on another poster sitting beside a woman at a Hi 5 concert who had come from a battered woman shelter and had received free tickets:

"Yeah but did the woman and the kids have any visible signe of being bashed?

Probably another bullshit story by another rotten bitch who is about to relieve her ex husband of his children, family home and all his belongings and of course his future wages"

Peter G

(a bit of background information on Peter Gregory, he has been on a disability pension for years and years, doesn't pay child support and is currently trying to con his ex wife out of the property and has admitted to a concerted and deliberate effort to denigrate his ex wife to his children in order to get his children to live with him. Also has two children from a previous marriage that are grown up and choose not have him in their lives.)

Debbie Esquilant

Debbie Esquilant AKA friendlykisses AKA debbiesq from the Gold Coast Starter of Mothers4Equality on familylawwebguide and coincidentally Treasurer of Fathers4Equality

"I for one am tired of being insulted by the acts of the feminasties who apparently have my best interests at heart! Us women are constantly being told how frail we are and that we need protecting and that we are not capable of having a thought process of our own it it doesn't toe the line with common beliefs is WRONG.
All the feminasties do is bestow sorrow and pitty on each other - they make women victims...! Not remove them from being victims like they claim."

Simon Styles

Simon Styles from Western Australia

"I was going to post suggesting it was time the dear girls were disenfranchised and sent back to what they do best, ie tend to their loving men and families. The standard of government around the world has demonstrably deteriorated since women were granted the vote."

Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt AKA Vascopajama from Melbourne

"I've been accused of sexual abuse more than once- by the DHS. In each of these occasions it was about power pure and simple. They wanted to disempowerment me, control my child, punish somebody, teach someone a lesson. It's all about power."

Sure it is Simon.

Warwick Marsh

WE thought the honour of the very first comment should go to Warwick Marsh as compensation for getting dumped by the Rudd Government as Mens Health Ambassador after only one day, because of his anti gay stance. His views on women are equivalent.

He finally admitted what all of the mens rights groups have been fighting for...control = $$ when he said:

"Even more than the Family Court, the CSA is responsible for removing fathers from childrens lives because control of children translates directly into $$$.