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Grant Atthowe Bunbury W.A.

Grant Atthowe Sperm Donor of 4 children and DeadBeat Dad from Bunbury



Wrote this letter to complain about paying Child Support for 4 children.

16th August 2007

The Honorable Minister for Families

Mr. Mal Brough

Dear Sir,

My name is Grant Atthowe and I am writing to you to get answers to my predicament. I am a divorced father of 4 children, 3 from my marriage and 1 from an unsavory affair (which you can read about in another file). Since all of this occurred I have been struggling to keep up to all of my commitments to the point of driving myself further into debt. I tried, through the C.S.A’s objection process, to work out a more equitable way for me to handle things and basically was told that everything I was telling them about my expenses were day to day things that everyone has to pay for. The difference is, not everybody is paying out in excess of $300.00 per week in child support.

Here we go then, question time.
1.Why is child support calculated on a person’s gross wage?
2.Why does there have to be a 15% difference between last years income to a projected income to qualify for a reduction in child support?
3.Why does the appeals process not work?
4.Why don’t you go after every non paying parent with the same voracity as you do an existing customer?
5.How is a person supposed to get on with their lives when they are being penalized so unjustly?

I probably have more but these will suffice for the time being. Listed below is an actual picture of my present circumstances. What I want to know is how I am supposed to live? Can you tell me how to fund all this, without breaking the rules?

My wages work on an 8 week cycle. I only have 7 weeks worth of actual figures but will include an estimation for week 8. Expenditure includes child support payable on one case, mortgage on the family home in which my ex wife resides and my rent. The other child support is deducted direct from my wages. Out of the remaining I am to provide food for myself and my 3 kids who stay with me on days off, fuel, gas, electricity and communications services.

Nett Income Expenditure Amount Remaining

$615.30 $600.33 $14.97

$613.78 $600.33 $13.45

$671.45 $600.33 $71.12

$475.50 $600.33 $124.83-

$636.23 $600.33 $35.90

$660.44 $600.33 $60.11

$590.45 $600.33 $9.88-

$680.00E $600.33 $79.67

Not a pretty picture is it. How one manages is by doing the following. By transferring money to a credit card, used primarily to pay bills and fund purchases, not paying some things by the due date, not paying the child support to my ex I can still do the basics. I get a small stipend from the Family Assistance office, around $125 per fortnight, $40 dollars of which goes to gas and electricity.

In the past I have resorted to doing overtime at work to pay for all this. Problem is, the more money I earn the more C.S.A takes away. I am forced to pay an amount of money based on my gross taxable income yet I am expected to pay this out of my nett disposable income. What sort of backhanded logic is that?

This is the expected child support and percentages based on a rounded income figure of $67,000.00 (approx what I earned last year) with $19,000.00 tax. Amounts are broken down into the following order, percentage, yearly and weekly.

C.S.A. case 1 10.85% $ 7,269.50 $139.79

C.S.A. case 2 19.00% $12,730.00 $244.80

If this calculation was based on my nett income it would be as follows.

C.S.A. case 1 10.85% $ 5,208.00 $100.15

C.S.A. case 2 19.00% $ 9,120.00 $175.38

A calculator will tell you that makes a difference to my disposable income of $109.06 per week. Add that to what I have left over in the previous table and you can see that whilst still not pretty, it’s at least a manageable situation.

I have recently done an estimation of income with C.S.A. which has forced me into the situation of not doing any overtime this financial year as it will only cost more in the following year. Until the legislation is looked at seriously to reflect the circumstances in the real world then I will have no option but to either not do overtime, bankrupt myself and hence become unemployed or quit work, go into the unemployment system and defraud the system somehow so I can have a life. Now I know that will raise a red flag but, seriously, if your office was so keen to get it right, you would be chasing down the hardcore deadbeats that have been rorting the system for years. I at the very least have tried my bum off to do the right thing to support my kids and won’t stop now just because of an unfair, unrealistic and draconian system devised by morons who really have no concept of what reality is.

It’s all very well to make these rules but please, for pities sake, have a look at the side effects. It is little wonder paying parents, mostly men, don’t do the right thing, some are pushed to abandon their children and go underground, much as my father did when I was young, thus depriving both the children and themselves of each other, some are even pushed to suicide because it just becomes so damn hard that you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The dissolution of relationships between adults is catastrophic enough as it is and both parties, when issues are finally resolved, have the right and, dare I say it, an obligation to themselves and their children to move forward. This can only benefit children involved if they can understand that whilst mum and dad are no longer together, they are at least happy with their lot and there are no lingering problems that affect their relationships with each other.

This brings to mind the other issue I referred to. It is obvious by media reports that we are heading to a potential situation where unprincipled women, possibly attracted by the federal governments baby bonus, are having children with men they have no intentions of staying with and thus depriving these children of the opportunity to have a father figure in their lives while all the time taking the money with great delight from these poor bastards whose lives are then effectively ruined for the next 18 to 20 years. These days you get less for manslaughter. I don’t think this was the concept behind the treasurer’s request for people to have more babies. And before you respond, yes everyone has to take some responsibility for the child but, if it can be proven that there was never any intention of a good faith commitment to ensure the child had the benefit of a two parent influence from the outset, then some sort of appropriate measures have to be devised that make the woman in question accountable, not deprive the child and not unnecessarily impact on the male involved to his detriment.

I apologize for the longwinded nature of this letter but I need you to understand the whole picture both emotionally and financially, to get an idea of the fact that these are probably not my thoughts but the same emotions being felt by thousands of other people out there in every electorate. All I want is a system that is just and fair for all concerned mums, dads and children. I am positive that with the enormous resources available to you that some sort of system can be devised that works for all.

Thanking you in advance for your time and looking forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Grant Atthowe

NB It has recently come to my attention that the woman involved in the 'unsavoury affair' has taken up with her ex boyfriend (one she dumped so she could get pregnant to me) again and from what I understand she has been seeing him for some time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Barry Williams ACT Liar

Barry Williams lies and commits fraud in a submission to the Australian Senate in February 2009

"The LFAA is not and never has been an extreme group of any kind. The Association
is a moderate and "mainstream" group of fathers and associated family members and
friends who wish to remain part of their children's lives after separation. It has been
recognised as such for several decades, at the highest political level, by successive
Governments from both sides of politics. During this time, the LFAA has made many
well-regarded and influential submissions to government and the Parliament on family
law and related issues.
The LFAA is not in any sense anti-woman. Women account for one third of its
membership and half of its National Committee, and the LFAA has close links with
the gender-neutral, Australia-wide organisation, Parents Without Partners.
Nor is the LFAA in any way anti-gay. It has conducted community services on behalf
of government which fully recognised and respected the equal rights of gay clients,
and was pleased to be able to do this. The LFAA does believe that, at least in the great
majority of cases, children require for their proper emotional and moral development
suitable contact with both their biological parents - but this is not an anti-gay position,
merely a commonsense one.
The LFAA is very strongly opposed to violence against women, and has made this
clear on many occasions. The LFAA is, however, also opposed to family violence
against men and children, and has reservations about one-sided propaganda campaigns
against men which create an unjustified anti-male climate of opinion in the
community, encourage false accusations, and fail to provide the help needed by
women, including women who use violence against their children. The "UN report on
violence against women" which Senator Siewert referred to was considered by the UN
representatives of a number of senior western countries, including Australia, to have
displayed an unacceptably extreme gender bias against men, and was not adopted by
the relevant UN committee for that reason. Failure to understand and accept that
decision does indeed, in the LFAA's view, amount to "denial" of the reality of
domestic violence."

Barry Williams is Vice President of Shared Parenting Council of Australia and therefore a direct line to Dads On The Air, D.I.D.S. Self Represented Litigants, CRC Kids amongst others Fathers Rights groups.
Some views that Barry Williams has endorsed on those various forums are:

"Yeah, but did the woman and kids have any visible signs of being bashed? Probably another bullshit story by another rotten bitch who is about to relieve her ex husband of his children, family home and all his belongings and of course his future wages" On a woman provided with service from a DV shelter.

""Thanks for once again demonstrating the alliance between feminism and
homosexuality - in their diminishment on normal heterosexual men as

What you say is wrong. There is a difference between a normal
heterosexual man being a father and a pervert thinking he can be the
same from the start with another man and without a mother for the

Children have rights. And one of those rights is to grow up in a
normal heterosexual union/family of one father and one mother.
For homosexuals - whether they be male or female - to decide and to do
otherwise is unnatural and perverted and a gross injustice to the
child(ren). "

""Yep. And I'm satisfied that God is correct and that he says
homosexuality is wrong and will be punished be it ever so severely"

"Why should you have to pay for something that you didn't want? There are other options for a mother in this situation; however, she decided to keep the baby without my husband agreeing, so I believe she should fit the bill. I know this sound rash, but its how I and I am sure thousands of others feel. By the way before everyone gets upset we are law abiding citizens and pay, eventhough I think it is WAY too much for something we get no use out of. "

"Your disagreement with, and hostility towards, me are noted.'Child support' is bigger and broader than you or I and you need to expand your horizons, considerations and understandings and see the big picture.I won't be looking in your wardrobe love. And I don't dye my hair; it is a vanity and extravagance that only leads to regrowth.There are many men who see beyond the shallowness of fading beauty and children, so perhaps your problem is attitudinal and that may be what is keeping men away.As it happens I do get out whenever I chose. After many years of caring for my now adult child I have more freedom. You will too, if you are patient and not so self-focussed.If it was your choice to end your family and take the children away from their father then yes, you should be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions and get a job and support yourself and the children. That is the honest, decent and fair thing to do ... Don't you think? ... For people to accept responsibility for their actions. (Allegations of abuse will not be taken seriously until we hear his side of the story.)" To a woman who believed her child had been abused by her ex husband and who was not paying child support.

"I, for one, do not welcome the C$A to this site, nor their participation. If my will were to prevail, it would be otherwise.
I despise any organisation that forcibly takes money from innocent people who have committed no crime. What the C$A does is theft and extortion using mafia-like standover techniques and tactics. I hurt no one and committed no crime. Because of the actions of another person I was forced to pay money to the Australian federal government via its C$A. I will not forget nor forgive that extortion and theft. Nor the harm and hurt done to thousands of innocent fathers over the years. "

This is also a website of Barry Williams


that was apparently set up to counteract this attack on a blog about Familylawwebguide.com.au which is his website that mainly deals with how to avoid paying Child Support.


And Barry Williams approved of the user Danytink sending this threat to the owner/owners of that blog which resulted in one of the people having to get a Court Ordered restraining order.

"You go under a series of names on the FLWG page. You are "Get The Facts" and you are "Solemother" and your birthdate is 5/9/1980 or 9/5/1980. You are a female who is about 29 years old and live in Tasmania. You are not "we" but "I" - as if others would be a sick as you are.
I do not have a porn obsession for the last time and I delketed stuff so you cannot take me out of context as you already have.
The FLWG guys are onto you and we are waiting for legal advice among other things we are looking into. Take this slander down and we will persue you no more. We have connections that you don't want to know about and they are not within law.
Lock your doors and windows.


Then there's this...from Crikey.com.au

Saliently, the response also claimed that domestic violence programs "have been shown to result in widespread violations of due process protections... weaken families, bias divorce proceedings, and deprive children of contact from their fathers." That statement goes beyond advocating for male domestic violence victims. Way beyond."


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jim Carter Lone Fathers Canberra

Jim Carter and Barry Williams sent in a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Sex Discrimination Act that contained some of the following quotes:

"Perceived discrimination against women
The present era, when gender ideologues assert that women can do anything that men
can do (but not the reverse) has been made possible by the enormous advances in
productivity and income over the last century or so. A key manifestation of this has
been the introduction of all kinds of labour-saving devices into the home, which have
greatly lightened the drudgery of housework and released women for a wide range of
other occupations.
These advances have been primarily due to the creativity, ingenuity, dedication,
motivation, and passion of men in developing the scientific, technological, political,
legal, cultural, commercial, and industrial basis for the huge increases in wealth which
have occurred. Women have made this creative work by men possible, through their
efforts in nurturing and sustaining the members of their families and their other
supportive work.
Women have benefited from the increase in wealth and improvement in health and
wellbeing as much as or more than any other group in society. There has, for the
most part, been fruitful and effective cooperation between the sexes."

"Discrimination against men
By ignoring the experience of men, the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 has helped to
entrench and intensify many serious forms of discrimination against men. These,
inter alia, include:
- the dismissal of men’s equal reproductive rights,
- the denial by courts of the rights of hundreds of thousands of fathers to love,
guide, and instruct their children,....
As noted by DOTA:
“In Australia today, only women have reproductive rights. Upon becoming
pregnant, a woman can choose to have the baby, have an abortion, or put the
baby up for adoption. A man has no legal right to choose whether he will
become a father or even be notified that he has become a father.”
This form of discrimination relates to decisions about the very procreation of life
"Fathers in Australia have in recent
decades taken on a much more hands-on parenting role than in the past. But this has
led to difficulties in many relationships, with a much increased probability of

Jim Carter

And the government funds these clowns?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jeremy Swanson Canada

Also known as Jeremy Swineson likes to contribute copious amounts of information that denigrates women on various forums and news groups.

If you believe him, his wife left him "suddenly" and he didn't know anything about it. He also says quite openly that he has chosen to have nothing to do with his children, so then why is he working for FATHERS RIGHTS groups when he willingly abandoned his children?