Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leeahn Griffin-Scott Brisbane

"Ok, this is going to be a long one, so my apologies on the outset.

My wonderful husband has 2 X's. The first sofalofadrphilwatchingchocolatemunchingreligiouszealotpasinducingwelfaretheivingobeseoxygenthief, is the egg donor of my wonderful husbands first 3 children. Now these kids are now 17.16.13. We have not seen these kids since 2003, when the eldest decided that I was the cause of all the wars currently being waged in the world. In her not coming she decided that the other younger children shouldnt come also. Henceforth, no contact AT ALL since Xmas 2003. Twas convinent that she came intime for Xmas...hmmm

Anyways I digress.

The 2nd X is a psychopathicredheadedfreakofnature. I kid you not. This woman is an unmittigated lunatic. My wonderful husband partnered with her as he walked out the door of his first marriage. Long story. My wonderful husband has a 9yr old child to this fool.

Now the 1st X and the 2nd X absolutely loathed each other with every breath in their rather rotund bodies.

When my wonderful husband and I got together they decided to pal up and make our lives a living nightmare.

You need to understand some history here between the two X's. When my wonderful husband was with the psychopathicredheadedfreakofnature, his youngest at the time was 2 ( this was the child with the first X), the 1st X decided that she didnt want the children coming over for contact any longer and lodged sexual abuse allegations against the 2nd X. An investigation ensured, and all was found to be unsubstainted.

The 1st X was apparently so terrified of the 2nd X, that she went into hiding ( but still allowing contact to continue), had the silent number yada yada yada, had the AVo against my wonderful husband and the 2nd X.

Fast forward to my wonderful husband separating from the 2nd X. Well the 2nd X decides that she is going to return the favour to the first X by lodging sexual abuse allegations against my wonderful husbands son ( at the time 9) for interferring with the child from the union between my wonderful husband and the psychopathicredheadedfreakofnature ( the child was only 3). Again this was investigated by the police, Docs and I dare suggest the toothfairy. Again this allegation was found to be vexatious and unsubstainted.

Fast forward to 2003, after my wonderful husbands elder children decided that they didnt want any more to do with him, other than his wallet. Well the 1st X and the 2nd X decide that all allegations that they had against each other were just misunderstandings, and now they are bosum buddies!!

Well the first X and the second X decide that they are going to lodge sexual abuse allegations against my wonderful husband and myself over ALL the children....hmmmmm...can anyone see where I am going with this. Mind these allegations only came to light in 2005 when we were almost at trial for change of residence for my wonderful husbands child with the psychopathicredheadedfreakofnature. Apparently these allegations were backed up by ALL of his kids.

I know this is an awful thing to say, but if I never saw his children again it would be too too damn soon. I cannot and never will forgive them for what they have done to their father. I on the other hand, can and should expect some problems. But what they have done to the only parent that loves them more than life itself, is absolutely without question unforgiveable.

My wonderful husband would welcome them back with open arms, regardless of what they have done.

I should mention that my wonderful husband and I are foster carers. We have a sibling group of 4 ADHD kids. We have had these kids since 2003 and they arent going anywhere. We are Mum and Dad to them. they range in age from 11-4.

Both the X's have done their level best to have the children removed from our care. It bothers me that in their efforts of destroying our life, they are just using the children we have as collateral damage.

What gets me more than anything I guess, is that they all porport to be absolutely godfearing christian people.

I am furious. I just want them out of my life.

My wonderful husband still has contact EOW and half of all hols with the child from the psychopathicredheadedfreakofnature.

I find her deplorable. I can find absolutely nothing redeeming about her. I know that sounds horrific to say, and to be honest it bothers me beyond belief that i feel this way about the child.

My wonderful husband is currently awaiting trial in Jan07 for change of residence regarding the 9yr old. I am terribly concerned should he get residence as to how I am going to able to deal with her on a fulltime basis.

I know I am the adult. I know I should set the example, but I literally cant bear to be in the same room as her. The kids we have are being tormented by her on a reg basis.

Help needed folks.

Again sorry for the length



Wonderful stepmother who got custody of the child.

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