Thursday, February 12, 2009

Michael Green Newtown Sydney

The brayings of feminist groups are rooted in a similar anxiety for self-preservation and in the feminist myth. Their support for the present system reveals a concern about power and money: if mothers share the parenting of children, it follows inevitably that they will have to share control of the family and of the resources that come with it, i.e. the home and financial support.

The need revealed by women’s groups for funding and resources to support abused women and children is well established and accepted. Not so, however, is the radical position that this is the lot of most women and children, particularly in the aftermath of separation or divorce. Radical feminism has done a disservice to women. It has sought to portray them as poor, suffering creatures that need protection from men and from paternalistic institutions. They are unable to speak confidently for themselves, to make their own choices, and are easily led into negotiations where their will and interests are overborne. Such thinking is a grave insult to the majority of women.

Ask any experienced mediator who carries the power in a mediation: almost inevitably the mother with the children.

This guy is the president of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia at night and during the day he works as a mediator specialising in Family Law. Guess who's side he's not on? If you're a woman attending a mediation session at his office, insist on a refund.

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