Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jim Carter Lone Fathers Canberra

Jim Carter and Barry Williams sent in a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Sex Discrimination Act that contained some of the following quotes:

"Perceived discrimination against women
The present era, when gender ideologues assert that women can do anything that men
can do (but not the reverse) has been made possible by the enormous advances in
productivity and income over the last century or so. A key manifestation of this has
been the introduction of all kinds of labour-saving devices into the home, which have
greatly lightened the drudgery of housework and released women for a wide range of
other occupations.
These advances have been primarily due to the creativity, ingenuity, dedication,
motivation, and passion of men in developing the scientific, technological, political,
legal, cultural, commercial, and industrial basis for the huge increases in wealth which
have occurred. Women have made this creative work by men possible, through their
efforts in nurturing and sustaining the members of their families and their other
supportive work.
Women have benefited from the increase in wealth and improvement in health and
wellbeing as much as or more than any other group in society. There has, for the
most part, been fruitful and effective cooperation between the sexes."

"Discrimination against men
By ignoring the experience of men, the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 has helped to
entrench and intensify many serious forms of discrimination against men. These,
inter alia, include:
- the dismissal of men’s equal reproductive rights,
- the denial by courts of the rights of hundreds of thousands of fathers to love,
guide, and instruct their children,....
As noted by DOTA:
“In Australia today, only women have reproductive rights. Upon becoming
pregnant, a woman can choose to have the baby, have an abortion, or put the
baby up for adoption. A man has no legal right to choose whether he will
become a father or even be notified that he has become a father.”
This form of discrimination relates to decisions about the very procreation of life
"Fathers in Australia have in recent
decades taken on a much more hands-on parenting role than in the past. But this has
led to difficulties in many relationships, with a much increased probability of

Jim Carter

And the government funds these clowns?


Cheryl King said...

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Cheryl King said...

Days of Tempest is a good read and will open your eyes to how our justice system failed Liam Magill.