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Barry Williams ACT Liar

Barry Williams lies and commits fraud in a submission to the Australian Senate in February 2009

"The LFAA is not and never has been an extreme group of any kind. The Association
is a moderate and "mainstream" group of fathers and associated family members and
friends who wish to remain part of their children's lives after separation. It has been
recognised as such for several decades, at the highest political level, by successive
Governments from both sides of politics. During this time, the LFAA has made many
well-regarded and influential submissions to government and the Parliament on family
law and related issues.
The LFAA is not in any sense anti-woman. Women account for one third of its
membership and half of its National Committee, and the LFAA has close links with
the gender-neutral, Australia-wide organisation, Parents Without Partners.
Nor is the LFAA in any way anti-gay. It has conducted community services on behalf
of government which fully recognised and respected the equal rights of gay clients,
and was pleased to be able to do this. The LFAA does believe that, at least in the great
majority of cases, children require for their proper emotional and moral development
suitable contact with both their biological parents - but this is not an anti-gay position,
merely a commonsense one.
The LFAA is very strongly opposed to violence against women, and has made this
clear on many occasions. The LFAA is, however, also opposed to family violence
against men and children, and has reservations about one-sided propaganda campaigns
against men which create an unjustified anti-male climate of opinion in the
community, encourage false accusations, and fail to provide the help needed by
women, including women who use violence against their children. The "UN report on
violence against women" which Senator Siewert referred to was considered by the UN
representatives of a number of senior western countries, including Australia, to have
displayed an unacceptably extreme gender bias against men, and was not adopted by
the relevant UN committee for that reason. Failure to understand and accept that
decision does indeed, in the LFAA's view, amount to "denial" of the reality of
domestic violence."

Barry Williams is Vice President of Shared Parenting Council of Australia and therefore a direct line to Dads On The Air, D.I.D.S. Self Represented Litigants, CRC Kids amongst others Fathers Rights groups.
Some views that Barry Williams has endorsed on those various forums are:

"Yeah, but did the woman and kids have any visible signs of being bashed? Probably another bullshit story by another rotten bitch who is about to relieve her ex husband of his children, family home and all his belongings and of course his future wages" On a woman provided with service from a DV shelter.

""Thanks for once again demonstrating the alliance between feminism and
homosexuality - in their diminishment on normal heterosexual men as

What you say is wrong. There is a difference between a normal
heterosexual man being a father and a pervert thinking he can be the
same from the start with another man and without a mother for the

Children have rights. And one of those rights is to grow up in a
normal heterosexual union/family of one father and one mother.
For homosexuals - whether they be male or female - to decide and to do
otherwise is unnatural and perverted and a gross injustice to the
child(ren). "

""Yep. And I'm satisfied that God is correct and that he says
homosexuality is wrong and will be punished be it ever so severely"

"Why should you have to pay for something that you didn't want? There are other options for a mother in this situation; however, she decided to keep the baby without my husband agreeing, so I believe she should fit the bill. I know this sound rash, but its how I and I am sure thousands of others feel. By the way before everyone gets upset we are law abiding citizens and pay, eventhough I think it is WAY too much for something we get no use out of. "

"Your disagreement with, and hostility towards, me are noted.'Child support' is bigger and broader than you or I and you need to expand your horizons, considerations and understandings and see the big picture.I won't be looking in your wardrobe love. And I don't dye my hair; it is a vanity and extravagance that only leads to regrowth.There are many men who see beyond the shallowness of fading beauty and children, so perhaps your problem is attitudinal and that may be what is keeping men away.As it happens I do get out whenever I chose. After many years of caring for my now adult child I have more freedom. You will too, if you are patient and not so self-focussed.If it was your choice to end your family and take the children away from their father then yes, you should be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions and get a job and support yourself and the children. That is the honest, decent and fair thing to do ... Don't you think? ... For people to accept responsibility for their actions. (Allegations of abuse will not be taken seriously until we hear his side of the story.)" To a woman who believed her child had been abused by her ex husband and who was not paying child support.

"I, for one, do not welcome the C$A to this site, nor their participation. If my will were to prevail, it would be otherwise.
I despise any organisation that forcibly takes money from innocent people who have committed no crime. What the C$A does is theft and extortion using mafia-like standover techniques and tactics. I hurt no one and committed no crime. Because of the actions of another person I was forced to pay money to the Australian federal government via its C$A. I will not forget nor forgive that extortion and theft. Nor the harm and hurt done to thousands of innocent fathers over the years. "

This is also a website of Barry Williams


that was apparently set up to counteract this attack on a blog about Familylawwebguide.com.au which is his website that mainly deals with how to avoid paying Child Support.


And Barry Williams approved of the user Danytink sending this threat to the owner/owners of that blog which resulted in one of the people having to get a Court Ordered restraining order.

"You go under a series of names on the FLWG page. You are "Get The Facts" and you are "Solemother" and your birthdate is 5/9/1980 or 9/5/1980. You are a female who is about 29 years old and live in Tasmania. You are not "we" but "I" - as if others would be a sick as you are.
I do not have a porn obsession for the last time and I delketed stuff so you cannot take me out of context as you already have.
The FLWG guys are onto you and we are waiting for legal advice among other things we are looking into. Take this slander down and we will persue you no more. We have connections that you don't want to know about and they are not within law.
Lock your doors and windows.


Then there's this...from Crikey.com.au

Saliently, the response also claimed that domestic violence programs "have been shown to result in widespread violations of due process protections... weaken families, bias divorce proceedings, and deprive children of contact from their fathers." That statement goes beyond advocating for male domestic violence victims. Way beyond."


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