Monday, July 13, 2009

More Ross Mitchell...

Ross Mitchell of Raymond Terrace set up this sham facebook group to ridicule Safe Family Law.

Why is Ross Mitchell, the subject of several AVO's not interested in Safer Family Law?

Safer Family Law Hoax


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This group is set up to counter the hoax that is the Safer Family Law group. The Safer Family Law group are just a bunch of man haters. They claim men as the only perpetrators of violence in family law and ignore killer mothers and members who post articles like the Yeeda Topham case are blocked.

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Ross said...

It would be nice if you got your facts correct. Just where are these AVO's you speak of, rather slanderous to make untrue allegations like that. Why dont the Safer Family Law post up on their Facebook site, Mothers who kill, they are twice as easy to find as fathers who kill. Just so you know you are not safe from defamation charges

Shame you no longer are allowed to post up pictures of me since the complaints about copyright breaches to Google.