Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Michael Murphy Canada

Michael Murphy whines:

"One of the other sites associated with them is On this site they do write-ups of Ozzy men's/father's rights activists which by any standard are slanderous and vile. I note it is private for the time being so maybe they got the message they are crossing over the boundary from fair comment to slander and hate. Are they misandrists. Perhaps! I would suggest to the Ozzy men's rights movement to try and uncover their identities. Then perhaps we can do an expose on who they are, their motives (as if we don't already know) and how much the Ozzy tax payers are putting out for this kind of rubbish."

I say Michael if you think the contents of this blog are slanderous and vile then you should blame the original posters for that and direct any criticisms towards them. All material on this blog comes directly from what the poster has placed on the internet themselves. I agree with you that all of it is vile, hence the necessity for this blog.

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