Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peter Gregory, Mt Barker WA

Commenting on an Australian Newspaper article about babies being fed half cows milk and half breast milk because judges choose to give fathers 50% access.

"And of course these bitches refuse to express milk during the week to be frozen so that the father can feed the baby it's own mothers breast milk for the week the child is with him. It could be handed over each day fresh if they live close to each other.

The problem as I have said before with these loathsome women, especially of Overington's ilk, is that they have been far too enabled in society and they believe they have 'God' status among human beings.

Just because they have tits that produce milk, is absolutely no reason why a child should be kept away from its father. The father has absolutely no need whatsoever to feed that child cows milk at all ever.
All these disgusting child abusive women need to do is express the milk and bottle it, so their child can get this milk from a bottle.

Women like overington are deliberately pushing this bullshit out there and they expect that the public are too dumb to realise the above facts.

There is no doubt about the facts that these women who agree with this way of thinking, are all currently or potentiall child abusers and husband/father abusers."



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