Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peter Gregory, Mt Barker WA

"The women of today are always crying foul about how they can't go around dressed half naked without a man going goggle eyes at them, or being able to walk the streets late at night without fear of being attacked and raped.WHAT!!!Okay, so that means I can go to the Zoo and jump into the Lion's den and go for a walk. It matters not that I already know that the lion may very well attack and kill me, the fact is, I should be able to walk around without that disgusting Lion looking at me lustfully and licking his chops.Wake up you stupid women!!The vast majority of men would never touch a woman like that, but there will always be animals out there who just don't give a shit and you know this, but you still deliberately flaunt your bodies.And no, this does not excuse her from the part she played in all this. She is well and truly old enough at that age to know the difference between right and wrong. This portion of the blame should never be laid on the football players."

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