Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mike Ward Western Australia

Mike Ward says

"Why the hysteria over child abuse and domestic violence?

To undermine the fathers role in society. To portray men in the worst possible light by reducing male influence in the home."


"Feminists are weeds in the family garden. We should all play a part in clearing the garden of such pests."

We say
Yeah Mike like ugly and bitter old and violent men are an asset to society?


Cold North Wind said...

Some have said testosterone makes men/people more aggressive. I guess God got the mixture wrong when he was stirring up a batch of men -.

I can just hear Him saying- as he looks down (waaaay down) on these- beings- oh well- you win some-you lose some.Should have dumped this batch - Cold North Wind

women are abusers too! said...

Mike is considered a hero in mens/fathers rights groups for a number of reasons.

He has never been through a marriage breakup and is a happily married grandfather.

When he was younger he worked in a funeral parlour and became concerned at the great number of men coming through who committed suicide due to family problems.

He would hear many sad stories from mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers about the aguish these men went through due to decisions of the Family Court and Child Support Agency.

As a result he was motivated to the extent of giving the remainder of his life to the mens/fathers movement . He picketed the Family Court in Perth for 10 years every Monday and spent his weekends spreading the message in the city's Malls on placards.

He also started the group Mens Confraternity which has only recently closed due to Mike's age and failing health. It ran for 25 years.

If you are offended by his comments on Feminism, then he has done his job. His extreme views are his efforts to bring about balance.

He has inspired many in his work and it will continue because of his passion and commitment to his cause.

I am sure GOD is regretting much much more than when he created Mike!