Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Simon Styles, Perth WA

"here here PETER. Without 50-50 I would never have been so aware of what was going on at, mums. It was invaluable and enable our child to disclose without pressure fo limited time with me and had the ability to make his own choice in the end.
What concerns me is that our child rep who is actually quite good told me last week that there is a significant increase in cases coming back to court as the shared appears to be falling apart in many cases. He viewed therefore that shared was not successful. But perhaps this is good in cases where the child has made a choice and the 50-50 has enabled each parent to become aware of the child's wishes and ultimately in some cases the child has made a choice.
He felt in many cases it was simply not working but he didnt consider the fact that the 50-50 enabled this conclusion as one or other parent was able to keep a check and become aware of any potential abuse from the other parent.
If this trend contineus in other states then it may be viewed as not working and be rethought :(
As for serious punishments for the liars - yes! You are right they fully intend for us to go to jail so they shoukld have to face the same predicament.
And double YES to the follow up in abuse allegations that are proven not to be true. This does not happen - they just conclude the case without ever learning where the real abuse came from and how the child was coached into making the statements in the 1st place. This should be as mandatory as the reporting in the 1st place!"

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