Monday, May 18, 2009

Jason Thompson Sunshine Coast QLD

Jason Thompson father of a daughter comments on Michael Flood researcher on Domestic Violence:

"The thing that gets up my nose about him is his sloppiness, fueled clearly by misandry.

For instance he champions the idea of a plurality of masculinities. But then turns to men's and father's groups and labels them with huge unifying characteristics such as "sexist" or "anti-feminist" or "angry" as if they were all one and the same. In the next breath he labours the immense diversity within women's collectives.

We are all tired of Michael's misandry. But one thing for sure is that in the battle between him and the entire planet of diverse men -a battle he initiated- we can surely back those men to put a stop to it.
Dr. Flood is helping to lead a successful campaign to influence Australian learning. Instead of the traditional 3R's, it is soon to be changed to the 4R's :reading, writing, rithmatic, and respect-for- girls.

Fancy that, Michael Flood is your children's new teacher.... Coming to a school near you!


Cold North Wind said...

Well- excellent , Dr.Michael Flood ! My sympathies to J.Thompson's daughter and her mother.

Joeffrey said...

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