Tuesday, December 30, 2008

James Adams on "Rememberance" Day

Today is Rememberance Day.
11/11/1918 was the signing of the armistice ending WWI, where millions of men were slaughtered, ordered to their deaths.
Remember that women were as guilty of the slaughter. Around the World, men who didn't volunteer were sent white feathers by women, showing that they were cowards... many men only signed up after this insult!
When you hear the Feminist lie that men have oppressed women for thousands of years, remember that women were not ordered to their deaths in mass attacks against machine-gun nests.
Women were not allowed to work in the 'dark satanic mills' of ninteenth century factories, where death and disablement from industrial accidents were common.
Women were kept in the centre of the walled towns and fortresses while the men fought, when they were invaded.
And women today have longer life, better health, less obesity, fewer die from breast cancer than men from prostrate. Boys are systematically discriminated against in school, so that two-thirds of those who get to University are women.
The majority of victims of violence are men, and the violent perpetrators too... because men live in a mroe violent world than women. The majority of alchololics and drug users are men. But for the same crime, women are less likely to go to jail and will get a shorter sentence. I could go on...
For all men, killed in all wars, I am wearing rosmary today.
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