Friday, December 26, 2008

Nick Martin , Melbourne

"Yea, it is pathetic how the Filth always try and brush off their DV strong-arm stuff by saying "We know it's bullshit but we've got to do it."
This is all very well but the decision to press charges is always down to them and they don't show any reluctance to charge fathers for waving to their children or other myriad ludicrous "domestic violence" accusations. No qualms about sending innocent men to jail for this sort of nonsense, which is shameful but all part of the politicization of the justice system.
They're state functionaries and the more easy convictions they get, the better their career path looks.
I'm currently "on the run", having been told by a friend whom I was staying with briefly a few weeks ago, that the wallopers turned up - following a complaint from my ex that I was in the local library - which falls within the IO exclusion zone, with a warrant for my arrest.
My attitude now is that I may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, and should go around and give her a thoroughly decent thrashing for her treachery and assorted crimes.
It will be difficult to implement but is an increasingly enticing prospect and I would at least get to see my children for the first time in three years!"

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