Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Cathryn Warren

"It’s sad Simon that we have such a similar story. I can only imagine what you have been through. Your ex must be awful. My partner’s Xmas present from the girls in 2006 was a DVD, ‘War of the Worlds’. You can imagine who chose it if you know the storyline! The poor kids. My partner did his best – made a show of putting it on TV and watching it after they had gone to bed. As soon as they were asleep he turned it off. Needless to say it was a real dampener for Xmas."

Did you ever think Cathryn that maybe YOU are the problem?


Cathryn said...

I cannot find your contact details so that I can contact you privately. This seems to be the only way to contact you. Would you be so kind as to publish an email address or a physical address where you can be contacted? Many thanks Cathryn. PS-The contact form isn't complete on the anonymum website.

Cathryn said...

Dear Anonymum, May I ask that you remove the photos that you have put up from a business that is unassociated with the posts you put on your blog? I have contacted Google and asked for your details because they are defamatory to a business. The snippets you have posted are when seen without knowing the entire context of our situation are quite misleading and offensive to the public and myself. I appreciate that you are very passionate about your cause however you are quite mistaken to think that I as a person in any way endorse violence or disrespect toward any woman or child. You are quite wrong to assume that I have contact with children of my partner. I do not - you have unfortunately made an incorrect assumption. As mentioned previously you have taken a situation out of context. I would appreciate that if you are unwilling to remove the posts as they are misleading in how they portray me that you would at least allow me the right to contact you through my solicitor to defend my rights. I note that you work in the law and hopefully, uphold people's rights. Thank you Cathryn.

OzPigPage - So many pigs so little time! said...

I am not Anonymum.
You can contact me any time through this forum and if you are upset at what is posted here then you need to tell your lawyer that you posted it yourself on a public forum and also used your business in that forum. I believe you bragged about your contacts and clients and expertise. Would you like me to post it?