Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Australian Family Movement

The Australian Family Movement had this to say on Fathers4Equality forum about Bruce Pardo,the man who dressed as Santa and broke into his ex in laws Christmas party to kill 9 people and wound 3 others including children because he was unhappy about his divorce:

"Here's a toast to Bruce Pardo. He was a man.

Many will speak badly of him.

A few will say that he was a victim.

All will say that it was an unfortunate situation.

But he was obviously a man who would not submit to injustice.

His actions bespeak a man who thought about his actions, who had things well planned including a "plan B" which eventuated with his suicide.

Bruce Pardo, you were a Man.

I salute you and raise my glass at your courage and honesty.

Hail, your Spirit, Bruce. May it energize others in your situation.

Goodbye, brother. "

James Adams moderates the Fathers4Equality forum and did not choose to delete that post as he bragged that he had the power to do so.
Many Shared Parenting Council of Australia members are also members and also did not choose to condemn the post. And as posted above by Jason Thompson, it seems that many of these fathers rights members are of the same opinion and further have used this post to confess to their own murderous thoughts.


TheFamilyCourtPhenomenon said...

Thats a lie,
This person was roundly rebuked by all and sundry. Plus the question was asked as to why such a nutter was allowed to post such inflamatory nonesense.
AS one fathers4equality member said how can this guy claim to support families if he thinks shooting family members is OK.
In fact the suspicion was raised that it might have been one of you male / child / married women haters that posted the remarks.
Was it?
Simon Hunt AKA Vasco pajama

OzPigPage - So many pigs so little time! said...

"Steve" it was not a lie and the comment was as it was posted and not moderated. The person was not rebuked by all and sundry and to the contrary received empathy publically from Jason Thompson.

Do some research before you point the finger at us, but that is your way isn't it, blame anyone else but yourselves. Type Australianfamilymovement into Google to see who represents you in Fathers Rights.

How is the media lie campaign going?

Ganymede said...
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Ganymede said...

I think Jason Thompson can speak for himself.

You cherry-picked my comment:

"I'd be lying if I said that such extreme fantasies didn't cross my mind when I was being tortured by the system, the ex, the courts, community, and feminist organizations... But this [murder] was more than a batman stunt, starvation diet, or refusal to work at a paid job anymore..... it went too far."

You try hard to characterize my comment as me wanting to murder (or that all men want to murder), when in fact I carefully stated what my "extreme" thoughts were- "a batman stunt, starvation diet, or refusal to work at a paid job anymore." I finished that by saying Bruce Pardo "went too far" by murdering. This goes without saying, and every member on F4E has condemned the one post that started this.

I must have been clairvoyent when i wrote, (before seeing this blog),
"I guess the femo-nazi trolls here would love it if we all felt that killing was the best option. We obviously don't feel that way, which will be a disappoinment to the trolls." and "Probably just an attempt to evoke murderous traits of fathers to put the statements into a "study" to show what "all" men are like..... the kind of "study" Michael Flood likes to put together."

Nothing like a good, pure, honest mum to unbiasedly report the "facts" on her blog. Lol


Jason Thompson

OzPigPage - So many pigs so little time! said...

Your comment was posted exactly as it was written. If you want to try to retract it now that it is open for scrutiny too bad.

OzPigPage - So many pigs so little time! said...

Jason you're starting to sound like Warren Farrell when he said that he said "gently caressing" a child instead of what he did say which was "Genitally caressing."

If you're clairvoyant and knew that the board was full of trolls and Michael Flood and feminazis etc why are you now trying to deny what you wrote?

Ganymede said...

You also wrote a postscript to my post saying what you think I 'really' meant. You were wrong, and I've merely corrected your interpretation and I certainly don't mind my post and its correct interpretation being on you blog.

OzPigPage - So many pigs so little time! said...

Let the readers decide what you really meant. Oh and your ex wife and children too.

Ganymede said...

My children live with me 100% full-time by order of court, because their mother is an abuser.

See what happens when you "interpret" people and situations?


OzPigPage - So many pigs so little time! said...

Then when they inevitably google your name one day, they'll see what Daddy said.

OzPigPage - So many pigs so little time! said...

Looks like their father is capable of being more than just an "abuser".

Glenn's Cult? said...

Or his children could be living with him because he does as many MRA/FRs do - wear down (emotionally and financially) the mother until she caves and can no longer afford the lengthy court battles. There are websites out there geared to the man who does not want to support his child. This man is typical of one who would visit such sites in order to get out of child support.

I feel sorry for his children and his ex-wife. Wonder who she is and what HER story would be?