Friday, December 12, 2008

Cathryn Warren

"From a marketing point of view I think the point Simon has been trying to make, but perhaps hasn’t been able to put succinctly, is we are all selling our dream of a better way for everyone. We all feel incredibly angry for the injustices that have been done to us.. God knows there are days where if my partner’s ex were standing in front of me I would want to physically tear her apart. However I don’t believe that is the solution.
If we are publicly angry with women as a group we will actually bring ourselves down because the sub-text of that is that we will convey that we perhaps don’t truly believe in equality. Behind the scenes it is okay to vent to each other because that is what we are here for to hear each other’s grievances.

Cathryn Warren, Sydney. Childless but her partner Nathan Butler has children with his ex wife.


Glenn's Cult? said...

Cathryn must be one sad individual... Is she frightened by the prospect of chidlbirth? Or does she have her own children but with another poor bloke? One must wonder of the latter is true, what her ex has to say about her? Will he state that she is a good woman, she has allowed shared or joint custody of their children? Did she seek child support? Or is her new man good enough to replace the old one?

She apparently is good enough to replace his children's mother (NOT!!!!).

Moujoh said...

FYI to anyone who reads this blog, it is a load of rubbish and written by a VERY VERY confused individual. Cathryn is a wonderful person, trustworthy and thoughtful.