Sunday, December 28, 2008

Simon Styles, Perth

"Complaint To the Chief Executive - Child Support Agency (sent today)
Dear Sir,
I write to you to make you aware of my case which I view as extremely unfair.
I received notification in the mail on Sept 2nd -08 via a letter dated 27.8.08 from CSA regarding the mothers request to do agency collection again.
I was told I had to respond by 3 sept which gave me exactly 24 hrs to consider my position seek advice and respond. Hardly adequate time!
As CSA is aware via the Orders in place, I have 50% care of this child - Jordan and I am paying for all his private school education as of 2010 - payments which have already started via a $4000 payment to secure his position there.
The total owing each year will be in excess of $14000 to the school which totals over 25% of my after tax salary and the fees are increasing every year faster than any salary increases!
In addition to this I am being asked to pay payments via the agency to this mother as well as full payments of $1000's to a second mother because I see child 2 less than 30% of the time.
In the past year under private agreement I have paid nearly $8000 for medical/hospital education costs etc but apparently none ofthis can be counted even though I can prove payment.
In 14 months time With $40 000 salary after tax I am paying $14000 in school fees, another $3K+ to mother 1 and 1000's to mother 2.
End result I have less than $20 000 per year to live on and that doesnt include having to pay rent at $4-500 per week which equals over a year - $23 000 per year.
I have not one cent left just after paying just rent!
How can this work?
I have 50% custody of one of my boys and via the orders and your laws I will have minus $3000 left before i have paid any day to day expenses incl food etc.
This is a totally insane situation which must be looked into and re evaluated.
Despite my telling CSA that I was going to seek legal advice and asked for a short time beyond sept 3 to deal with this they went ahead behind my back the same day sept 2nd and approved the agency payments again!
If you want to drive me bankrupt then you are going to be successful.
If I have not recieved a reply within 7 days I will be forwarding this to the media.
This is discrimination and this is disgraceful.
Simon Styles"

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