Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cathryn Warren, Sydney

"I hear you Lee! We have very similar circumstances. We nearly went bankrupt trying to protect the children’s rights to see their father. We won very standard rights – every second weekend and Thursday nights every second week. His ex broke every court order going. We couldn’t do anything about it. His ex should be a politician. She was able to duck and dodge absolutely everything. Started going to church and insisting the children had to go as well and therefore break into the weekends with their father. Behind the scenes she was having an affair with a married man, on RSVP and Adult Matchmaker. The last straw for us was when we found his daughter (10 years old) text messaging the married man. Him sending her messages – that ‘we are special friends’. We found out that the ex had put the number into her phone and encouraged her to text message him. We complained to DOCs, the school, anyone who would listen. We never even got a response from anyone. The girls now complain how much they hate their father. The relationship is totally shot to pieces. If you ask the girls though they will bring up a million and one other reasons for why they don’t like their dad – ‘he’s nasty’, ‘he didn’t give me what I wanted’ etc.

In court his ex would burst into tears and say, ‘I only want to be friends’. Out of court she called us every name under the sun, told us how much she hated us etc. She would leave abusive messages on my phone – I was a slut, should go and have my own children etc. She was completely irrational if you tried to have a conversation with her."

It was alright for you Cathryn to have it off with her ex husband but the ex wife isn't allowed a relationship. You complained to Docs about a child ringing her mothers friend and yet you expect the same child to come and stay with you because you are different how? You are a pig!


Glenn's Cult? said...

Because she is married to him, the mom hasn't married yet. If the mom is EVER ALLOWED to get married again, I am sure the excuses will change.

Jack said...

Wow wouldn't it be nice to hear the other side of the story...Wait a minute I know it!! No I am not the X wife but I know her well and that rubbish is certainly not the whole story. Amazing how people can twist things to make themselves innocent of any wrong doing...and then actually believe their own lies.

Oh Betty! said...

LOL wow you really are twisted! You seem like you were very threatened by your ex moving on to find happiness with someone else, meditation can really help with those issues.
Perhaps if you spent some of the time you have spent seemingly making the Ex’s life a misery on making the children’s relationship work with their Dad everyone would be allot happier!
You said you fought out a long custody battle in court, must have cost allot of money…I wonder how much money your Ex and his partner spent.
I think it is disgusting you would allow your kids to talk so lowly of their Dad and extremely selfish on your behalf. Claim all you like “they” say these things but we all know children behaving like that towards their parent is a learnt behavior.
One day the kids will wake up and realize and the rubbish you have put in their heads, they WILL at some stage want their father in their lives, perhaps even when they have kids, and when that happens they will wake up to the cruelty you have put them through keeping them from their Dad for so many years, it is just a matter of time, until that happens I hope you think of how selfish you are every day and every night before you sleep and question when WILL that day arrive.

Moujoh said...

Anyone who Knows Cathy know this is a load of rubbish, try all your might but there is no way in high heaven she would ever EVER EVER endanger those kids. Nor would she EVER cheat on anyone or anything, write all the posts you like, actually spend lots and lots of your time on it...purely to waste your time some more!!
Cathy if you had only given her a chance would have been a wonderful step mum to those kids, but your own insecurities and paranoia has now locked your kids up to a life without their Dad and many opportuinities in life.
I can tell you and anyone else who reads it very very honestly everything you have wrote on this blog about Cathy is wrong, you ARE ruining your kids lives, wake up to yourself.