Sunday, December 28, 2008

Australian Family Movement

Also posted by the AustralianFamilyMovement on Fathers4Equality forum and apparently endorsed by that group as they chose not to remove it despite the fact they say they moderate that forum.

"Shows the importance of the biological family unit.
In Natura, lions kill and sometimes even eat the offspring of the previous male of the pack.
Sometimes, on the other hand, other animals will adopt offspring of others as their own.
But horrible as it is, it seems natural that the biological urge in order to continue one's line is so strong that it will use whatever means necessary to do it, including destroying competitors' offspring..
If it's natural, then there is no inherent "badness" in it. It is what has kept us alive until now.
(If only nature were Politically Correct, this wouldn't happen)
This is a good wake up call to women to do more to maintain the original marriage and "get on" with the husband and father, instead of causing trouble.
A move to end the marriage and take up with another bloke might end in their kids getting killed.
That's a great message for everybody."

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