Friday, December 26, 2008

Ron De Mouilpied

Posted by Ron de Mouilpied a former Queensland policeman and current misogynist at Christmas 2008 on a fathers rights group forum,

"I have never really considered gender except to understand that 'Santa' has always been a male. I was wondering does anyone know if the dysfunctional feminists actually 'Promote Santa' to their children? It would just be so incongruent!"

This is particularly disgusting when you then read about the ex husband who dressed up as Santa and busted in his ex in laws Christmas Party dressed as Santa Clause and killed 8 people with a gun and shot an eight year old in the face along with other children.

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Glenn's Cult? said...

Umm, Ron, sorry to burst your simplton bubble, but Santa Claus is a male. He is based upon the story of Saint Nicholas, who was MALE!!!!

Get over yourself already. Geesh so many men, so many knotted panties.....