Monday, December 29, 2008

Peter Gregory Mt Barker WA

"Simon and Nick,

I agree with what both of you are saying.

I completely agree that we should not be 'bagging bum bangers' in this group just for the sake of vilifying a group different to us.

However, it is a well known fact that there are feminist lessos' and their male counterparts who have now infiltrated into positions of power within all areas of family law and other govt depts as well. These people will be using their influence to wreak havoc on the institution of 'The Nuclear Family', so that they can bring about a new era of a different type of family.

These people (I use the term loosely) do not deserve normal respect, because of the effect they have had on our society and for the number of lives they have destroyed.

I too have worked with and known poofs of both gender and have never had any problems with them. However, they have no right to have rammed down our throats and the throats of our children, that their disgusting lifestyle is normal or in any way shape or form acceptable.

So, in agreeance with Rob, let's not get too dirty and let's not waste too much time on bagging bum bangers.

However, we have a duty to our children and ourselves, to identify all those evil scum who are perpetrators of hate against fathers and children and we must accuse them and expose them. And if they are pushing their poofter-ism on society, we must make certain that the public are aware of this, so that this festering carbuncle can be excised from this limb of govt that is the family court system, to allow some form of healing within our society.

Peter G"

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