Friday, December 26, 2008

Simon Hunt on strategy for Fathers Rights

"We need Baskerville, Alec Baldwyn and a constant supply of press releases that focus on children so the media steps away from the cheap sensationalism of pitting women against men. Otherwise what have we got? - nothin but a winge club."

And this

"Peter we're going to have to get smarter. Critising women in any shape of form is not the go. Protecting children from them is. Otherwise you can forget media support, and therefore support from polititians"


Glenn's Cult? said...

Why do children need protecting from mothers? Is it because we might (maybe) teach these chidlren that a father is not the king of his castle, he is not the last word? We might (gasp) actually teach our children to be empowered? Oh gasp!!!!

women are abusers too! said...

Well since the latest WA DCP stats show that women abuse their kids more than men I can think of at least one reason. Yes I agree that many mothers empower their kids - even if they let their kids treat them like a door mat!