Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Peter Gregory

Peter Gregory Western Australia AKA metoo57

Commenting on another poster sitting beside a woman at a Hi 5 concert who had come from a battered woman shelter and had received free tickets:

"Yeah but did the woman and the kids have any visible signe of being bashed?

Probably another bullshit story by another rotten bitch who is about to relieve her ex husband of his children, family home and all his belongings and of course his future wages"

Peter G

(a bit of background information on Peter Gregory, he has been on a disability pension for years and years, doesn't pay child support and is currently trying to con his ex wife out of the property and has admitted to a concerted and deliberate effort to denigrate his ex wife to his children in order to get his children to live with him. Also has two children from a previous marriage that are grown up and choose not have him in their lives.)


Glenn's Cult? said...

It is amazing what these men will do in order to releive themselves of child support. My own ex for example will say he has too many health issues to be able to get life insurance on himself in order to help our child, yet he is capable of caring for her. Sadly, the court buys it.

women are abusers too! said...

I find it amazing that women are the worst child support payers. Sounds like you need to relieve yourself of an attitude. By the way thanks for all these hate sites. Has saved me a lot of work in finding people that I am interested in talking to. :-)