Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paul Gleeson

Again, I agree. I think that if gays can help destroy families then that probably helps justify their way of life. By helping wreak havoc in the courts they can say that the heterosexual way of life isn't the way to go. I personally think that within the legal system there is a sick & perverse group(s) that is in their personal interests to help dismantle the traditional family unit. Take the father away from the family and that family is then exposed/left wide open to abuse. I vaguely remember back many years ago in South Aust., they traced a paedophile ring back to a group of judges. Strangely enough nothing ever come from it. I dont have anything against gays, I have some good friends that are that way. I just dont think they should be allowed into certain positions in society.
Paul "

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